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This is a group for guys who like to be naked to talk about stuff specific to being male and a nudist. So if you are a man who prefers not to wear clothes feel free to join this group and contribute to a discussion. Any subjects are welcome as long as they're clean. No offence to the ladies but this group is just for us fellas. Cheers

I wasn't expecting that!

Has anything happened to you when you've been naked in public and you've thought "I wasn't expecting that"? Please share your experience.I'll start this one off. I was visiting a particular nudist beach for only the second...

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Forget the underwear when I go out

Stay naked at home... but when I go out I very rarely wearing underwear. Do you?

Nude get togethers Richmond,Va

Anyone know a place to hang out nude in Richmond,Va maybe a nude movie night party get together or something?

Simon says

Hi, this Is Simon, i am a 27 year old guy from germany And i Look Forward to get in contact With other male nudist guys

boner at urinal

Is it OK to piss at a urinal with other guys looking at you when you have a boner

New Here

I love being naked as much as possible. hope to meet fellow nudists! i live in lower NY state.

Is anyone here???

Not had a reply on any groups, is anyone actually here?

Nudist or exhibtionist?

So I'm I think, 5 months into this site and have noticed a disparity in a "ground zero" topic. Simply... do people like to be naked because they enjoy the "thrill"? do they enjoy it because of the "freedom"? do they...

Hello from Somerset

Hi from Somerset. Back on the site after not making any local nude friends on my last go around. Hoping this time is better. Drop me a dm if you fancy a chat or even a social

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THe "Mark" of Abraham

NOW a money maker and a mutilation of the new born Male. I had posted a very lengthy url in other groups but this is a very short and VERY CONCISE history of Male circumcism- The "Mark of Abraham" IS NOT the complete removal of the skin...

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