Naked Ol' Pharts 50+

For Members 50 years and older (for couples only one needs to be 50+). A place we can discuss things important to us like Will the market wipe out our savings before we do, what is the best otc arthritis pills and rubs, How nudism is healthy for our bodies, especially our eyes.

I am naked and looking for naked friends

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As the name I have chosen says, and as my photos show, I am always happily and proudly naked, completely naked. Not only do I not feel embarrassed or ashamed to show myself naked for all to see, but I am happy to share my fullest nakedness with anyone. Being naked is not a sexual provocation for me but only the need to be myself with freedom and sincerity. I am aware that I am not attractive but that does not stop me from showing myself as I really am without hiding anything. I am totally naked without problems and without wanting to provoke. I wish to dialogue and be in friendship with other people who love to be and show themselves naked and are not ashamed of their total nudity. So I will be happy to welcome every friend request from anyone (woman, couple, man) who shows himself in freedom and without embarrassment naked. My profile is accessible to everyone so that you can read what I wrote and especially look at my photos. Greetings to all from Italy. Andrea

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