Naked Ol' Pharts 50+

For Members 50 years and older (for couples only one needs to be 50+). A place we can discuss things important to us like Will the market wipe out our savings before we do, what is the best otc arthritis pills and rubs, How nudism is healthy for our bodies, especially our eyes.

Two hearts side by side, together and in a single rhythm

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A single gay man is invited, passive, with moderate vital and sexual needs, pleasant (at my choice) European appearance, from 72 years old and older (possibly up to 90 years old) for a life together (who also has a desire for it), not afraid , for his age, serious changes in his life. I am a moderately active man in social and sexual life, retired, respectable, my intentions are very serious and at our age, and in general, such things are not joked. I would like two hearts to stand side by side, closely pressed against each other and beat in the same rhythm, as one whole: whole and inseparable, in order to live in love, affection and harmony. In feasible care for each other and with gratitude to each other for the years we have lived together, for loyalty and devotion in relationships, to be spiritual and heart support to each other: strong, firm, strong and indestructible. You can send your message for a more detailed conversation to my profile or to the e-mail address:

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