Naked Sailing

Ahoy! This is a group for naked sailing enthusiasts and people who love sailing. I hope you'll share some areas that you've been able to sail nude and let others exploree.

There are nude boaters out there.

First time in years I finally saw another nude sailor. Passed a Hunter 320, with 2,guys and a girl enjoying the full sun. For years I thought I was the only bare one Long Island Sound.

Best day/worst day

So, i have decided to sell my sailboat. Unfortunately my kids decided sailing is no fun. My 15 year old Dad its so slow!!! I just want hang out with my friends!!! My 8 used to like it because we let him fish or pull toys behind the boat. But I think...

Who is sailing?

I would like to know, who is sailing? What are you sailing and maybe some places you have sailed? Let's start the conversation!

My Ideal Sailboat.

I am thinking about parting with my old 19 foot day sailor and moving up to a 20 or 25 foot boat. The Alerion 20 or 28 would be fantastic but I need a shoal draft and it looks like only the 28 has it available and it's a wee bit pricey. I dont...

It's getting warmer!!

Fantastic little solo-sail today! Warm sun, mild swells, flukey breezes; alone time is highly underrated! Bring on the hot!!

Need crew?

I'm looking to go sailing on California's Central Coast and would be happy to crew for somebody. I also like being naked and would consider anywhere between San Diego and San Francisco. I used to own a Chrysler Mutineer and have sailed...

Southern California

I will be learning to sail soon, (July 2021) and need time aboard a sail boat to gain hours for my skippers certification. If you have a sail boat, or just want to charter and go, let me know! I can be emailed at

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Surprised by visitors

There is jetty about a mile offshore and I am anchored on the lees side about 15 ft away doing some nude sunbathing. I hear voices then see 2 guys climbing over the rocks from the windward side wearing snorkeling gear. We just waved. I think they...

Key west to dry tortugas trip

Hi all I planned an awesome nude sailing trip from key west to the dry tortugas islands. Its a national park and beyond beautiful It's a 5 day trip, not a commercial trip or enterprise. just me renting the boat and sharing the cost with whoever...

Lifetime of Cruising

Anyone out there doing preparations or starting cruising as a lifestyle? I've begun preparing the boat and will start cruising in about 2 years. Would enjoy hearing from others who are either preparing for a change of lifestyle or have started....