Naked Seniors!

A group for 50, 60, 70 year olds and above, as well as younger admirers of naked seniors. At our ages you think we'd know better. Running around with no clothes on--we could catch a death of a cold or, even worse, pneumonia! Everyone knows, too, that gravity begins to take over as far as our bodies are concerned--men as well as women suddenly find they need support in places they'd never...


Who here relocated to a warmer climate after retiring, at least partly to be able to be nude more often. Going a step further, who has moved to a clothing optional facility in order to be nude whenever the weather permits?

ED and prostate issues

Anyone dealing with ED or prostate cancer. I think that is a common aspect of older male life. It should not need seen as disgrace, less manly, inadequate or the end. I am particularly interested in men with ED and want to support and encourage them....

Wanna skype?

Hi..male from canada..likes skyping with seniors...loves discussing about nudism and spirituality...enjoy painting and friends for cam chat are most is not about seeing each other nude only...chatting and sharing experience...

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RE: Naples FL area ??

Ft M to Marco, anyone else in the area?

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Like a fine wine - we improve with age

Hi fellow seniors. I dont know about you but I feel life just gets better as the years pass. No more insecurities we had in our teens, no more mad competition to climb the corporate ladder we had in our twenties, no more working mad hours in our 30s...

What a great way to enjoy life at our age

I've always loved being nude! As I've gotten older I appreciate it even more. I could care less what other people think of my body, it's mine and it's been through a lot and have the scars to prove it! lol I just wish more older...

Retirement and Clothing Supply

Retiring also is a time when it is possible to reduce your clothing stock. When I retired, I gave away most of my work clothes, except one suit, 4 long sleeve and 1 short sleeve dress shirt, and a very few ties. Over the next two year, I got rid of...


Hi new to naturism and the group, Midlands based happy to chat


Im new here . I just want to say hi to the members of this group

Fun Question.

I'll be 67 on Dec 7th- 2017 I've been a member on TN for 3 years and am a lifetime member. How about you??

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