Naked Seniors!

A group for 50, 60, 70 year olds and above, as well as younger admirers of naked seniors. At our ages you think we'd know better. Running around with no clothes on--we could catch a death of a cold or, even worse, pneumonia! Everyone knows, too, that gravity begins to take over as far as our bodies are concerned--men as well as women suddenly find they need support in places they'd never...

Slidell la.

Any nudists in Slidell la. Let get together

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Slidell la.

Any nudists in Slidell la. Let get together

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Local Senior Nudists

I would love to develop another Nudist Group in or near Melbourne Florida. I have large home with lots of parking. Our old group splintered and moved after they closed down the Cape and shuttle program.

Proud to be a senior

Ithink we can be very sexy even after 50. Living naked, doing a bit of sport all that helps us stay fit. So I think I could meet seniors foreigners on vacation. And also to be able to simply chat on Skype with seniors. The generation mix is also very...

Naked seniors

I think it would be nice if we could form a naked senior club here in Slidell la. Sun in one of the members backyard or go too beach in our Speedos what do you all think

Naked senior club

Im all For it. Sunning. Reading what ever the club wants too do. Ill be the first member

OC Couple's

Hi all... We are looking for and hoping to find a couple or 2 in Orange County to enjoy some time with. We are a mid to late 50's couple in CM. We own a Goldwing and enjoy riding it, taking walks together and finding new places to be naked. Check...

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Hello Naked Seniors

Just joined the group. Hit the Big 70 a little over a week ago; still feeling good and love social nudism. Any other seniors can feel free to chat me up...

Search for older

Maybe,someone older who travel and visit Europe?Ex Yougoslavie?

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