Naked Seniors!

A group for 50, 60, 70 year olds and above, as well as younger admirers of naked seniors. At our ages you think we'd know better. Running around with no clothes on--we could catch a death of a cold or, even worse, pneumonia! Everyone knows, too, that gravity begins to take over as far as our bodies are concerned--men as well as women suddenly find they need support in places they'd never...

Naked in SE Wisconsin

Hi from the Milwaukee area. Who else in in the area?

Mature but not old

I'm in my 50s, but don't consider myself to be a senior. Wait until I am 60 and can get my Seniors Card. As for knowing better, we do, and that why we run around naked. :-)

spend naked moments together

Single, unattached guy. I have been a nudist for quite a number of years now and enjoy nude time at home and away. i would like to find some man for to share life together. to share naked life. I had fun at home, traveling and on the beach. maybe...

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Young British Naked Females 4u

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How do you meet other nusist

Would enjoy meeting other folks who don't mind losing there clothing behind and being themselves. I have found chat with a person naked is more honest. There nothing to hide. I enjoy being naked and as most of you know alot of people don't or...

what many do not know,......, about FAT

Ok so I was a Unit trainer I the Army, I was always in great shape so THAT made me be appointed as one, never got the chance to train to be an official US Army trainer, the higher NCO ranked ass kissers in the unit got to go to that school, fail,...

Treating from Oregon

The weather here in the Pac.NW. Has been wonderful. Wish I had more time to be naked . There is nothing like the feel of sunshine and then a cool breeze.

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by SilverDudeNick 
Kansas City, Ks

67 married looking fir other st home nudist.

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