Naked Seniors!

A group for 50, 60, 70 year olds and above, as well as younger admirers of naked seniors. At our ages you think we'd know better. Running around with no clothes on--we could catch a death of a cold or, even worse, pneumonia! Everyone knows, too, that gravity begins to take over as far as our bodies are concerned--men as well as women suddenly find they need support in places they'd never...

Some good advice ...

10 ways to get healthier after 60 CNN It takes moxie to flip an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one particularly for folks over 60. Nos. 2 and 6 are the least obvious, and among the most important. Plus you...

West coast attractive older guy looking for...

Anywhere on the west coast I traveled Washington Oregon and California I can host lots of times in Orange county let's meet up and get naked

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From rural Australia

Hi All 55 this year so i think i qualify for this group. Open to chat to people anywhere.

Hey Dudes & Dudettes

It's me Dave, man. I just realized I'm getting up there in age. Looking a lot like my dear departed dad. Man, getting old sucks.

Hi all

Hi i'm Kev, 36 from Somerset, UK. Always happy to chat with older men. Look forward to hearing from you

Living in Asia

Not much opportunity here for social nudity but we travel a lot to places where it is possible to relax with like minded people! Gay, married to an Asian guy and a bit over 50 (!) Looking for gay men to chat with. Planning our annual trip to Europe...

New to this

Hey yall I'm from ga and I'm new to tn I'm 57. Like to meet new people.

aussie nudist dad

hi from al..57 nudist sydney here.. welcome to chat with all mature no hassle nudists..would especially love to meet a like minded nudist lady to share our time together.

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Hi Everyone!

My name is Angela. I am a Transsexual Woman, meaning I am a woman in a man's body. I like men, and specially mature men, from 50 and up. I joined this group as an admirer of senior men. Hugs