Naked Work Outs Or Yoga

this group is for any one who likes to work out naked or do naked yoga at home or in a group or if we can get enough people in an area to create naked yaga clases or nude workouts

Peloton Nude

A recent Peloton commercial show Chris Meloni exercising nude, However, the tag line at the end implies that only Chris Meloni uses peloton nude. I would expect that a fair number of people who have it at home do, including many who are not nude in...

Join me sometime

Hi guys Im a 64 year old Australian Nudist. I enjoy nude yoga sometimes in the public chat room and also cam privately. Great exercise! Love the stretch and freedom. Join me sometime. Does anyone know of any nude yoga groups in Brisbane? I...

Workout buddy NYC area

Hey, what's up everyone, I'm looking for a gym partner who has their own workout equipment at home or in their apartment. When I lived in LA, I had a full-on Setup, and my friends came over, and we worked out all the time. I find it working...

any yoga mates in India

I'm in banglore. Anybody here. We can plan nude yoga everyday or weekly.

Workout Nude Outdoors

I work out totally nude in backyard. It feels amazing to try and stay in shape and tan at the same time. :)

Nude workout

I usually workout in the nude. I find it more stimulating and gives me added energy to complete the lost of exercises. Being nude lets me see areas that i want to work on. My workout needs only a floor mat and a 20 pound dumbbell . Workout takes...

Nude kettlebells

Recently I started doing my kettlebell workout nude, along with my stretching routine. Anyone else do similar?

Mens Natural Yoga

Taught a fun class on earlier focusing on Ahimsa (non-violence) and guiding into full wheel pose. Feel free to check it out!

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The pleasure yoga has given me

For many years I practised nude yoga for 20-30 minutes almost every morning. It was such a relaxing, yet arousing experience which set me up for the day. I feel it has helped me to prepare mentally and physically to get and maintain erections and to...

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New kettlebells and slam ball

Got an additional set of kettlebells 5,10,15 lbs, so I can up my kettlebell workout game. Also got a slam ball to boost my pre-summer workout routine.

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