Naked Work Outs Or Yoga

this group is for any one who likes to work out naked or do naked yoga at home or in a group or if we can get enough people in an area to create naked yaga clases or nude workouts

Workout Nude Outdoors

I work out totally nude in backyard. It feels amazing to try and stay in shape and tan at the same time. :)

Home Gym

I really enjoy working out in the nude. I have a home gym with a Bowflex, treadmill, and stationary bike. Naked yoga is also a part of my regular exercise routine.

New kettlebells and slam ball

Got an additional set of kettlebells 5,10,15 lbs, so I can up my kettlebell workout game. Also got a slam ball to boost my pre-summer workout routine.

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yoga in central AR

We have a small nude male yoga class once a week for an hour in central Arkansas. It will be male only for the time being due to the AR law. Anyone interested? - please get in touch.

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Nude workout

I usually workout in the nude. I find it more stimulating and gives me added energy to complete the lost of exercises. Being nude lets me see areas that i want to work on. My workout needs only a floor mat and a 20 pound dumbbell . Workout takes...


Hi all, so many members here are USA or UK based. It would be great to create an online aussie version, without global time difficulties. I am not formally qualified, but have worked out regularly with personal trainers and classes for 30 years, and...

Nude Yoga

Does anyone do nude yoga from videos or games on the tv? I have a Wii fit and it has yoga and other strength training on it. I do the yoga and a few games that work your core. One game that get's me sweating in the hula hoop. They have 2...

Yoga Undress The Goddess Series

Does anyone else do this video, my wife and I love it and just finished.

Workout Advent calender

Hi everybody. I made myself an Advent calender and everday I find no chocolate but an exercise to perform. I do them all nude and upload the videos to my account here. the first 8 days I have to do 50 reps, the next 8 days 75 reps and the last 8...

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Come to SPANA Nude Yoga- Atlanta, GA! Do you live in Atlanta? Will you be visiting? In either case, please check out my website with details about the weekly classes for men. Nude Coed coming soon- if you are a female and interested, do not hesitate to send me a...

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