New Nudist

For anyone just starting out home alone or whever into nudism that wants to share his or her fears, expeiences, etc. I am also inviting anyone who wants a FRIEND to chat with Clothes or Whatever on the SUBJECT. I was a NewBie Last Year and had a few great friends on Yahoo Chat help me relaxe & got me over my fears. If you want to Yahoo Chat IMme at ChiGuy168 on Yahoo all I ask is that you have a...

Southern California

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Looking for a housemate in SoCal. Small, quiet home. Perfect situation for a college/grad school student or young working guy. Non-Smoker ONLY. Prefer a guy in the 18-35 age range. Looking for a sane, sensible, repsponsible housemate in a C.O. house. Last housemate was a student, great guy. Perfect housemate. When he finished his degree he moved out of state. Rent includes all utils, wifi, full house priviliges, etc, etc.
Contact me for details.

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