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For anyone just starting out home alone or whever into nudism that wants to share his or her fears, expeiences, etc. I am also inviting anyone who wants a FRIEND to chat with Clothes or Whatever on the SUBJECT. I was a NewBie Last Year and had a few great friends on Yahoo Chat help me relaxe & got me over my fears. If you want to Yahoo Chat IMme at ChiGuy168 on Yahoo all I ask is that you have a...

Looking for nudist friends

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Greetings to all, I'm Andrea from Italy, 58, divorced without children and nudist. despite my age I am still a beginner in nudism which I understand is not a sexual provocation but a need for freedom. In fact, I love being naked for the feeling of freedom and sincerity it gives me. I am not ashamed to be seen naked by anyone and I am delighted if the photos I have posted are seen by more people. I first want to share my nudity with everyone and I am looking for friends (women and men) who have the same desire to share their nudity. Those who want to know me better can visit my profile to read my texts and look at my photos. Any friend request will be well accepted.

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RE:Looking for nudist friends

hi there
like to be friends here?
nyc nudist guy
check my profile

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RE: Looking for nudist friends

I am also looking forward to meeting some of my nudist friends from the NYC area while I am in the area checking on a property I own in Queens. If you're available, let me know.

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