Nude Hikers

Any & all Nudists who have & shall enjoy a Nude hike, of any length, along any trail, well trod or self-blazen; whether amidst tall timbers in a rich forest, parallel to caressing waves along a sandy beach, circuitously passing ageless stones in a high desert or wherever the proximate terrain allows for spending several hours hiking Nude & feeling the Freedom of brushing against the Wonders of...

Three AT Hikes in Tennessee - August 20, 21,...

Three AT hikes planned for Tennessee with Damascus Virginia as our base. The three hikes are moderate, but two are long hike. 14.8, 16 , and 7 miles in length.

nude hiking at night

Has anyone done any nude hiking at night, with only starlight or a little bit of moonlight ? Hiking by full moonlight, is not difficult, as once your eyes adjust, you would be wasting batteries to use a flashlight. it's important to know your...

nude hike

Went on a nude hike and it was great other than being solo.

Two Hikes Planned for the Benton MacKaye...

Two strenuous hikes planned for the Benton MacKaye Trail near Fontana Dam. 9.6 miles and 12.4 miles.

National Nude Day is 7/14

Wanting to head down to Bloomington to Hike Fern Hills club. Beginning 7/15 is AANR Midwest.

Latest Post
World Nude Hiking Day

So what did people do for World Nude Hiking Day - June 21st? I got my hike in.

Three NC Hikes - June 20,21,22 on the Bartram...

Three hikes planned for the Bartram Trail. Franklin NC will be our base. June 20 - 12.9 miles (Easy to moderate) June 21 - 15.4 miles with 7.2 mile early out option. (Strenuous) June 22 - 10.9 miles (Easy to moderate)

Nude hike in the heat

Went on my first nude hike everything was great except for the 109 degree weather. It was very hot and there was no shade anywhere but i still loved it. Didn't really know what to expect at first but once i got naked it just felt natural....

Any advice?

So I haven't been on any naked hikes before but I was wondering if you guys could give me tips for the first time. I'm not sure when I'll go but in the case that I go soon what should I prepare for? I know I should obviously bring water...

Wildlife Encounters

I posted this in a more local group, but thought I would also put it out there for the larger community of Nude Hikers. There is just something different about coming across wildlife naked. Last week on one of my favorite hikes I came upon an...

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