Nude Hikers

Any & all Nudists who have & shall enjoy a Nude hike, of any length, along any trail, well trod or self-blazen; whether amidst tall timbers in a rich forest, parallel to caressing waves along a sandy beach, circuitously passing ageless stones in a high desert or wherever the proximate terrain allows for spending several hours hiking Nude & feeling the Freedom of brushing against the Wonders of...

Nude hikes in New Jersey

Looking for any area to go on a naked hike in New Jersey, hopefully get some suggestions!

Solstice Nude Hiking Day

Anyone have plans for a nude hike on the Solstice this Tuesday? I know one a group that will be doing a 10 mile section of the Appalachian trail in VT.

This damn backpack

The problem in bare hiking is the essential backpack except for a short walk.It must take to drink, to eat; it must contain your clothes.If the walking shoes are essential to be comfortable and sometimes a hat or a cap if there is too much sun, the...

Deep creek

Went to deep creek near Hesperia, ca, Saturday. From bowen ranch ($5 per person day use) my choice as a starting point, it is 2 miles into the valley where the hot springs are. There is an elevation change of 978 feet down. Most in the last 1/2 mile...

Castaic Lake in CA

I nude hike above Castaic Lake in Northern Los Angeles. Come join me

Ocala hikes

Yesterday and Today I did hikes in the National forest. On Wednesday I did a 4 miles in and out on a section of the Florida trail would have been longer but Thunderstorm rolled in. Had encounters with two couples on the way north. Exchanged hellos...

Nude Hiking in western North Carolina

I am always looking for other nudist to hike with. Let's get together and hit the trails.

Arizona Hiking

The weather has warmed up for the last few days here in Arizona and I was able to get out for a nude hike in an area new to me. Full sun until early afternoon then a high overcast but temps in the mid 70's. I hiked and explored nude for most of...

Hey friends

Hey my true nudist how are you guys. Im a newbie here would love to make new friends and connections here.. Id like to go hiking Message me in hangout

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