Nude Hikers

Any & all Nudists who have & shall enjoy a Nude hike, of any length, along any trail, well trod or self-blazen; whether amidst tall timbers in a rich forest, parallel to caressing waves along a sandy beach, circuitously passing ageless stones in a high desert or wherever the proximate terrain allows for spending several hours hiking Nude & feeling the Freedom of brushing against the Wonders of...

My first nude hike of 2019

The weather near Atlanta wasn't too bad the other day so I went on my first nude hike of 2019. The temperature was still cool but mostly sunny when I left the house. I had long pants and two heavy shirts on just in case. But in the hour it took...

Free hiking in Colorado anyone? Summer is...

Free hiking in Colorado anyone? Summer is coming up! Would like a small mixed group to join me for spring and summer fun of hiking and skinny dipping. I have some special places. The-Natural-One.

Nude Hike in Ironwood Forest National...

I went for a very nice nude hike in the Ironwood Forest National Monument west of Tucson yesterday. My first time in this area and it was really nice. I hiked in the area of Ragged Top Mountain in pristine Sonoran Desert that was nice and green from...

Sharing the Trail

Usually I'm having my nude hike alone and on the rare occasion I encounter a clothed hiker I just smile, say hi, and keep walking. (would have posted today's pics but this blog apparently doesn't permit) No one seems to mind when this...

February 19th Hike - Florida Trail

10.4 Mile hike planned on the Florida Trail, in the Kissimmeee Prairie State Preserve. To the southeast of Lake Wales.

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February 18th Hike - KICCO Wildlife...

10.8 mile planned for the Florida Trail, to the east of Lake Wales.

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Wednesday 1/9 hike near San diego

Wednesday I'm going to hike in mission trails near San Diego. On all trail app one trail is spring canyon cycleway. Once north of th 52 freeway it should be quieter for some nude hiking. I figure take a loop as opposed to straight out and back.

Nude hiking buddies 2019 Richmond,Va area

Always looking to be naked and nude hiking is fun even when by yourself. So if interested lets meet up and do some hiking.


Just finished reading Tracks by Robyn Davidson. She hiked many miles across the outback naked almost out of necessity. What an epic trek and a really enjoyable book. Although I am having a bit of a hard time relating at the moment - it was -19F this...

Florida Trail Hike - February 17th

8 Mile Florida Trail hike planned for Sunday, the 17th of February. The hike will be in the Bull Creek WMA. Meeting in Holopaw, Florida in the morning. Contact me if interested.

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