Nude Hikers

Any & all Nudists who have & shall enjoy a Nude hike, of any length, along any trail, well trod or self-blazen; whether amidst tall timbers in a rich forest, parallel to caressing waves along a sandy beach, circuitously passing ageless stones in a high desert or wherever the proximate terrain allows for spending several hours hiking Nude & feeling the Freedom of brushing against the Wonders of...

Hiking near Palm Springs

Can anyone help me out? I will be in Palm Springs next week and am looking for any hiking options. Anyone can help out thank you!

Finally got out for a free hike

Weather and work have conspired to keep me from getting some good sun on my bare ass. But today turned out to be a great day for a quick two mile nude walk in the hills between Santa Clarita and the San Fernando Valley. It's unseasonably cool...

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Marion, Virginia Area - Three Appalachian...

Three day hikes planned on the Appalachian Trail near Marion, Virginia. The hikes will be on the 12th, 13th, and 14th of September and will be 9.4, 10.8 and 9.0 miles in length respectively. Join us!


When I walk a significant distance nude (or in swim briefs or very short shorts for that matter) I get chafing on my inner thighs] How do you avoid this when hiking nude?

Western Colorado

5 Sep 2021 - Sunrise in Uncompahgre National Forest - had a great morning hike near Lake City, Colorado. Please contact me if you are in the area.

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Quick Cover Up for Textile Encounters

Most of us carry something to use as a cover up in the event of meeting up with textile hikers. I have a pair of loose fitting, elastic waist shorts that works OK but awkward to put them on over my hiking shoes and takes a little longer than I would...

Nude hiking Newfoundland Canada

Anyone care to join me and another guy on a naked hike together next July or August. Take place on a abandoned woods road. Don't need to bring any clothes either. Hike to a waterfall on a rocky brook could even possibly go for a swim too. We are...

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Free Hiking at Blue West

The place I usually go free hiking is so overgrown I had to go somewhere else. I went to the road at Blue West. It is about one circular mile. I put on my hiking boots and back pack. There were three vehicles that passed me on my hike. They just...

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Nude Hiking in Arizona!

Any nudist men in Arizona who would like naked hiking buddies, let me know. Sycamore Creek and Tanque Verde are fabulous places, but would like to learn and go to other places in AZ where one can hike and hang nude. Contact me here on TN or Snapchat...

Wytheville, Va. - Three Hikes Planned for...

Three hikes planned on the Appalachian Trail near Wytheville, Va. The hikes will take place on the 17th through 19th of August. The length of the hikes will be 8.9, 12.3 and 6.9 miles respectively.


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