Nude Hikers

Any & all Nudists who have & shall enjoy a Nude hike, of any length, along any trail, well trod or self-blazen; whether amidst tall timbers in a rich forest, parallel to caressing waves along a sandy beach, circuitously passing ageless stones in a high desert or wherever the proximate terrain allows for spending several hours hiking Nude & feeling the Freedom of brushing against the Wonders of...

Carrizo gorge (east of San Diego)

Got a hike scheduled for march 14, a Wednesday. Looking to meet at the trail from Dr anza resort about 930. Hike goes to the largest wooded trestle that is arched. I think this is a 3 mile out before turning back. For those that care, Dr anza has day...

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if there were no penalty.

Either legal or social, where would your dream nude hike take place? A national park, a city street, your home town? Thanks in advance for sharing your dream place to be naked and enjoy a walk/ hike / trek/ whatever.

nude hike

Went on a nude hike and it was great other than being solo.

North Western Ohio Hikers

Hey all, I am new and looking for experienced Ohio area hikers to join. I've experienced free hiking before and looking for groups/friends in the Ohio area. I just moved to Northwester Ohio from New England.

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Southern Oregon

When I lived in s. OR some years ago I would hike the Table Rock hills quite often. Arriving before sunrise, I would be the first one there and hike up to the top, watch the sun come up, and then explore the area, all in the nude. A wonderful...

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south jersy

Looking to go nude hiking on Wharton State or find Bare Ass Beach this summer.

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Nude Hike in North Georgia mountains

I'd like to try to get together a small group for a nude hike somewhere in North Georgia one weekend.Any takers?

Looking to connect with nude hikers.

Hi,Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude.Col.

Did nude hiking ruin regular hikes for you?

I really got into this nude hiking thing. But now I feel it was not a good hike unless I did it clothes free. So now I don't want to go to populated hiking places that require clothes anymore. It is not as fulfilling of an experience. Anyone else...

shoes or...

Should we as nudist hikers wear shoes or shouldn't we and go barefoot all the time?

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