Nude Housework

This group is for anyone who does your housework naked.

No Power Housework

This past Monday in the Midwestern USA, there was a huge storm called a Derecho. Basically like a hurricane and tornado combined in a HUGE area. Entire city was without power and they are still working on it. Luckily, we are able to be nude in the...

Nude cleaner London

Hey there, I love cleaning and love being naked. Based in London if anyone needs a hand. Pav

I need a nude cleaner

I need a nude cleaner in Athens/Greece. If anyone is interested please pm me.

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need a nude cleaner?

currently living in san Francisco. if you need any cleaning, organizing, manual labor .... I would be more than happy to help you out in the nude of course. message me for rates.

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oc nude house made male

Hmu in oc I can clean ur house nude contact me to work something out

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Naked Home Cleaning

Naked Greetings! I am very happy to have joined the group! As an avid nudist, living totally nude when home, cleaning nude is a natural part of my life. I can't imagine having to wear cumbersome clothing while cleaning. Actually, I enjoy...

love to work naked

I really am a housecleaner and have cleaned for many men and couples totally naked it is the only way to work, wish more people understood how good it is to be naked.....have a wonderful naked day everyone

I do virtually everything naked at home

I live in an apartment on the 15th floor. The moment I get home I strip naked. I clean naked; watch TV & read naked; decorate my Christmas tree naked; prepare for parties naked; dishes naked; I am able to enjoy my balcony naked and work outside...

Cleaning and gradening

I am naked as soon as i get home so do all housework and cleaning naked. What i get the most excitement out of is when the neighbors are gone and i can do yard work in the nude. The sun shining down and the wind blowing on your sweaty body to cool...

Naked when cleaning my house.

I am naked most of the times in my apartment, so also when l clean the house.