Nude Housework

For anyone who does the housework in the nude.


how many put their Christmas tree up nude??????????????

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Scrubbing floors

I scrubbed the kitchen floors,vaccum,cleaned litterbox,laundry,you name it I did it & wow never realized I would enjoy housework.rReady to do it again!!

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by Paul28 
Working naked at farm house

I grew up at my father's farm in north of England. My dad was a home (and farm) nudist and I grew up the same way. The farm was in a remote area with nearly no by passers or visitors other than occasional visits by family or friends, so it was...

Naked cleaner for couples females

Want to start doing naked jobs for people or cleaner or just if u fancy a naked man around lolxxxx will travel no probs xxx

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Looking for a job as Nude Houseworker

Yes is true, I sick and tired of going to my office all dressed and stresseful.Would love to do housekeeping in nudist house around the world.Any one interested?HugDave

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A treat

Maybe this will be a group that isn't swarming with men. But there will be some ofwho are the exception. Anyhow, so the chores have to be done. Do you give yourself a reward by doing it naked, or maybe by taking off a garment when you complete...

Cleaning windows

I was doing the housework naked as usual and decided the windows needed cleaning. So I did them. A friend walked past. Seing me framed in the window he waved. So I waved back. It's only polite.

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Cleaning upstairs

Gets a little cool up there this time of year. Otherwise cleaning nude takes most of the sweat out of it. Nude cheers! Ralph

Summer break

Now it's warm it's good to get outside and give the housework a rest. And it's even nicer to be naked outside. But there are still some chores that must be done, like ironing and clening the bathroom. No need to dress for either.