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This group is for all naked husbands, to share nudity and its experiences.

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To all the Husbands; I understand where most of you are coming, my wife is not into the life style, she does let me go into it more as we got older. When we first met and I explained to her that I was a nudist and thought about joining in. Then she...

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Hi all, just to know our reality and to share it with fellow members, I feel we can check our reality as per following group.A. My wife knows my love for nudity and participate both indoor and outdoor.B. My wife knows my love for nudity and...

dads alone time

Hi always looking for cam chat in the afternoons when son is down for nap. Private message me. Thanks

Miami guys

Are there any married guys in Miami who want to get together? I can often host at my place. There is no private pool or hot tub but not bad for kicking back with a beer and hanging out.

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Tampa, FL here...

Looking for guys in my area.

hi all

im patrick, bi male 55, from france. Her is my SKYPE ID : hope you Will ad me and chat soon

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Hey, my name is Diego and I am 19yo. Add me on TWITTER: NudistaBogota TUMBLR: skinnynudetwink FLICKR: nudistabogot SNAPCHAT: diegorevollom Also I have a nudist group on WHATSAPP. Write me +573204541069 INSTAGRAM: diegoarevollom

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My wife and I were in the pool yesterday,...

And I was thinking about how much better it would feel if we were nude. Since she does not participate she doesn't know the sheer bliss of swimming naked. How unfortunate for her. Sigh.

Hi- new guy

New guy to the group and site. Im pretty much limited to around home nudity, mostly when wife isnt here. She is so uncomfortable with casual non-sexual nudity even when it is just us that barely tolerates when Im nude, so I dont do it nearly as often...

Sometime nudist

My wife is not in tonudity in public but likes skinny dipping nude saunas We canoed nude She likebeing nude ortopless at home I enjoy any nude time