Nude Husbands

This group is for all naked husbands, to share nudity and its experiences.

How many?

How many are nudists and the wife does not know. How many secretly bi or bi curios?

dads alone time

Hi always looking for cam chat in the afternoons when son is down for nap. Private message me. Thanks

Understanding Wife

Wife: Did you have anything planned for tomorrow? Me: Not really. I was going to catch up on things at home. I was going to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and stay nude most of the day. Why do you ask? Wife: I was going to have a...

Naked husband

I am a new naked husband. I am married and have kids. Right now I sleep naked but only do my other naked moments alone. Love to hear your experiences

Happily married unhappily nude

I think this is a topic a lot of guys here can relate to. I'm happily married but my wife doesn't share in my love of being nude. Her view of nudism is one of a sexual nature and she's quite body conscious. I'm open to contact from...

No longer married

Wife died in 1996; ex left in 2015. Sorry the wife died; glad the ex left. So, no longer a husband, but was a nude husband while married. Neither wife cared that I was nude. Total non-issue. Even took the four older children (two boys and two girls)...

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Naked People Photo Project

Hello, almost 300 people took part in my project, bu we still waiting for new participants! Check this out send your photos if you want :)

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Testosterone Booster

Any of you guys take a testosterone booster? I am not talking about the script from the doctor but a natural herbal formula. I did a lot of reading and Amazon has amazing information too with reviews. I am thinking about trying it out. I have...

Why isn't your wife into nudism?

I noticed the disproportionate number of husbands here whose wife is just not into it. Just out of curiosity: what's the hang-up? I've listed some common reason here: 1 - Body Image: That's probably the main one. It is the belief that...


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