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This group is for all naked husbands, to share nudity and its experiences.

Nude Alone

To all the Husbands; I understand where most of you are coming, my wife is not into the life style, she does let me go into it more as we got older. When we first met and I explained to her that I was a nudist and thought about joining in. Then she...

Safe holiday .

To all the dad's here , have a safe holidays with your family . even if you can't all be together. Hopefully next year will be better for everyone! Marry Christmas to all.

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Why isn't your wife into nudism?

I noticed the disproportionate number of husbands here whose wife is just not into it. Just out of curiosity: what's the hang-up? I've listed some common reason here: 1 - Body Image: That's probably the main one. It is the belief that...

dads alone time

Hi always looking for cam chat in the afternoons when son is down for nap. Private message me. Thanks

What's wrong in her mind ?

When we starded be together 30 years ago we both had no issues about nudity. We were hanging around naked mainly at home inside or by the pool in summer. Time made its work, 2 kids now grown up, our bodies are not as shaped as its used to be. We are...

Sometime nudist

My wife is not in tonudity in public but likes skinny dipping nude saunas We canoed nude She likebeing nude ortopless at home I enjoy any nude time

How many?

How many are nudists and the wife does not know. How many secretly bi or bi curios?


Hey guys, who is shaved and like to skype?

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by nudemuscle 
Single for being friend with married husbands

Hi married guys! I am still single but could be a good friend to nudist husbands. Send me PM. Whatsapp is also available. Naked hugs, George

Naked car ride

Naked buddy Nick in the Columbus,Ohio area lookin to pick up a naked husband to go for a ride on a hot summer night to the lake and be buddies.