Nude Husbands

This group is for all naked husbands, to share nudity and its experiences.

Los Angeles Korean spas during the Christmas...

Headed to LA to spend time with family. Korean spas are prevalent and optimal for enjoying nude times with your like-minded compatriots. Century Day Spa is my go-to because they have the most complete offering including a full fitness center with...

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New member

Hello everyone!! I am new to this group. I have been a nudist for about 8 to 9 years now. Discovered the lifestyle with my now late first husband and fell in love with it. My current husband knows i love to be naked socially but he is not into it...

Naked projects

Hi guys, Maybe some of you know my dressed-undressed blog: Last year I startarted with a few similar projects - an extended version of my previous blog, one for home nudists,...

Nudist with non-understanding wife

Like all of us in here I am a nudist (wow, news flash) I love being nude, especially around home. My wife doesn't understand my need to be nude and sometimes gets angry with me when she catches me nude doing simple household chores, working in...

Only naked one in the house, as usual

Loved being naked at home growing up but parents were not happy with that. Shared a room with brother who complained I slept naked. Fast forward dated and ask my now wife if she wanted to visit a nude resort. That was met with a big NO. That being...


I love to join this group to get more experience Love to chatting with husband and older

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Thanks for letting me join

G'day, I am one of the lucky ones my wife is not a fan of social nudity but she has no problems with me going nude around the house all the time

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by minimalist75 
Nude and enjoying iy

My wife does not share my love of being nude. I started by hiding it from her. after a period of time, I did not get dressed when she came home . This progressed t working in yard naked and mowing lawn plus other yardwork naked. Now I no longer wear...

Hi all

Hi there. Im lucky that my wife loves being naked as much as me. Would love to chat from anyone to see how they experience the nudist lifestyle.

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Kinda risky, the BBQ naked

I still put on an apron at least, when standing in front of the grill. And wife makes all the same comments others have said, about me being naked all the time.

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