Nude Is Cool

nudity is cool! embrace your body... God made us this way.

I want to be myself, I love to show myself...

I define myself as a nudist and consequently not only do I not feel the slightest shame in being naked or seen naked but I am happy to be able to share my complete nudity with anyone who wants to meet her. I am pleased and proud to show myself...

I'd be nude 24/7

I don't get how some people are comfortable in clothing. I'm not. I would be nude all day. I sleep nude. I shower nude. I make breakfast and lunch nude. Its those 8 hours at work I need to fix. Am I right? Stay safe friends. Replies welcome.

total nudity is the best way to show...

Greetings to everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, divorced and nudist. I love being naked and have no shame in showing myself completely naked in front of anyone. Indeed, I am happy if there are many who see me naked. I think that nudity is natural and...

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How cool is it that even during lockdown we can enjoy being nude. We can be absolutely free from the things that bound us to the textile world. Stay naked and safe everyone. Regards Ignaas

raising them to be nudists

He do yall feel about raising your children to be nudists, and live and open home lifestyle and being open and honest with them, not lying to them or sheltering them from normal human activities?


anyone from brisbane australia jioned this group

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Dunedin, FL here!

I wish there were more places to be nude, legally, around where we live. It would also be great to meet other guys who enjoy social, non sexual nudity.

Nude most of day

I sleep in the nude I stop naked until around 11am most mornings I wash pots nude I clean the house nude Same with decorating & DIY jobs NUDITY ALL JOBS ATOUND THE HOUSE. I have to out to town, until 3pm most days. Soon as I get back home, a quick...

wish i could be naked 24/7

I feel so comfortable naked, my body is what it is, just wish I could be naked everywhere I go. I hope everyone has a great naked day enjoy the sunshine and hopefuly the stay at home will come to an end soon...

Hello Qld Friends

I've been a nudist for nearly 40 years and love sharing nude times with guys.