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What's great about long hair?

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What do you like most about having long hair? Is it the attention you get from others? The way it feels as your hair falls over you bare shoulders? Some other reason all together?

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RE: What's great about long hair?

I LOVE the attention my hair gets,some other guys,i can tell by the looks on thier faces they dont like it,and i really dont care what they think,To each their own,is my motto,and YES i absolutely Love the way my Hair feels on my back,and shoulders,the way it flows out when im walking,when im jamming out,and doing some headbanging,and airguitar,LOL!and my Awsome fiance Loves my Hair also.

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RE: What's great about long hair?

TL;DR: I like my long hair because girls like it. Also, I like extreme hair lengths with women (short or really long). Anyone else with that preference?
Ha, best thing about my hair is how many women notice. It usually gives girls an excuse to talk to me. I constantly get "your hairs so nice", "can I touch it", "omg gorgeous!". I love women. I've dallied across that gender line, there's nothing like the female orgasm! :D So yea, and I like my long hair but I like far more what my hair does for me. Like anything a guy does that might not have an obvious reason (classical music, ball room dancing, flexibility training-ie doing the splits) it's probably because women like it.
Far far seconds, I do like the ability to braid my hair and the way it blows in the wind. I always feel like one of my favorite anime characters (sesshomaru from Inuyasha if you must know) when the wind blows right... which again ties into women liking me. lol
Finally... idk if you guys have had this experience but you really gotta have sex with a girl that has longer hair than you. I never ever realized how cool it is. Her hair was down to her ass, about 6" longer than mine... and oh my god! Idk but there was just something about it. It's fun to play with, fun to pull out of her face when she's on top, fun to pull hard, just gorgeous in general. I find I like the extreme hair lengths. Girl with short hair (but still feminine) or a girl with longer hair than me. You guys find this to be true?

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