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This group is a place for long-haired guys to meet and chat with their long-haired brethren.

San Francisco Hippy

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I am not really a hippy at all, but growing up in San Francisco I vividly recall admiring the very masculine long hair of Hippy men and aspired to look like them. In fact, as a kid I always rebelled when time came to get a hair cut , to the point where I had to be strapped into the barber chair. When finished, I would through a tantrum!
That was some time ago and luckily or genetically (Mexican and Lebanese) I was dealt a good hand when it came to hair on my head. Today I sport a white and black main that falls more than halfway down my back, but I always wear it pulled back in a neat avoid strangulation by hair! This group will inspire me to let it all hang out and down and take a few pics.
I'll get on that soon...

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