Nude Republicans

Just as the name says a group for Nude Republicans

Why do people find it strange that a...

For me, being a Republican is more about fiscal responsibility, although that ground seems to be becoming more and more blurred these days. I consider myself a fiscal conservative, and a social liberal. I know, sounds strange, but really to me, it...


We're anxious to see how tomorrows Republican debate turns out. It's a shame our former president won't be there but we think he's made the Right decision.

Well, this group appears to have died.

I joined to see what is happening and it seems to be nothing.

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What's up in ths group

With all that's happening in our country today I'd really think this group would be more active. As an old sailor I have never seen in my 67 years a greater political divide. It appears that no matter what our current COIC does positive for...

Hostess Cupcakes?

Will O(_*_)A bailout our Twinkies?

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Last push to election day

As they say..."Vote early and often" We can't survive 4 more years of this presidency...sigh

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