Nude Runners And Walkers

This group is for any runners and walkers who like to be in the nude.

Running nude around Birkensee

I like to run and during business trips I also like to find nude areas around the places I visit. In Germany close to Nrnberg there is a lake called Birksensee where nude recreation is allowed. In summertime the majority of visitors at the lake are...


Would love to fine a group of nude walkers in my area. Once I heal from my hiatus hernia surgery. I am planning to walk again and get my body up to running. Scott

Cross county

Here in England I occasionally go for a run or a walk doing a circuit near the local woods barefoot as well being nude. A mix of uphill and down hill paths, across streams etc. Burn calories!

Best time to run

November has been very wet yet a little cold. Can adapt to most temperatures. This in someways is the best time to do a country run, not many or any people about. Mud can be slippery under foot. Sure keeps fit as gyms have been closed.

UK nude running

Hey there Its November, 10degC drizzling and windy but managed a nude run in the wild country lanes tonight - nothing less than exhilarating :-)

Morning Hike and Jog

I took it out to the trails the other morning. It was nice to get out there strip down and hike and jog for a bit. Even had a couple close calls with couple almost seeing me lol. No harm no fowl. Any way posted a few pics on my page. enjoy. Adam

Wheres everyone at??!

Another cold morning. Rain coming. I need to lose 50. Who wants to do challenges??

Middle Tennessee

Walking I can do and enjoy - running not so much any more.

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