Nude Swimmers

A group for those of us who enjoy nude swimming - for fun - for exercise and for competition. List places where you can swim laps nude please

Nude open water swim

In this country (USA), there are nude golfing events, numerous nude 5k runs, nude bowling and nude volleyball tournaments, and even a nude bike ride. I am sure these are all fun events, but none of them makes anywhere near as much sense as a nude...

When you have to wear a swimsuit

Most of us encounter situations where a swimsuit is necessary. For those of you who actually own swimwear lets's see your most modest swimsuit and the one(s) you usually wear. These are mine (most modest one first).


U think i have a suit fetish. I have more than I can suits 6. Thongs a few. Trunks maybe 10 or 15

My own back yard

Nice to have my own pool and privacy fence since I do live in town, but some of my neighbors can see over the fence, oh well hope they enjoy the view.

Hotel Skinny-Dipping

Does anybody else here discard their swimsuit when swimming in a hotel pool? I find it is relatively easy to do so at quiet times. I made a video of my latest opportunity which may be viewed at

Bris Ipswich Gold Coast

Anyone got a pool or wanna hit nude beaches with me let me know. Luv swimming nude

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are you born a skinnny dipper?

My first memories of skinny dipping are when I was probably twelve or thirteen and playing with friends in a rocky cove.I wondered off and discovered a cave where I removed my trunks and moved around the semi lit area discovering nooks and...

No Swimwear

Who here owns no swimwear and only goes in the water when they can be nude. I do own and use swimsuits at times because I like to sometimes go with textile relatives and friends and also when traveling and nude venues are not available.

This summer

My sister is cutting down on her beach time due to skin cancer concerns, so we agreed to do other things together this summer. My son doesn't want his son to go to the beach this summer because of the Covid situation. Since I generally go to the...

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