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Hello All,
I've been to a few nude areas and a few gatherings. One of
the places I've visited and would like to return to is Cypress Cove
in Orlando FL. I've found it to be a very relaxing place, and if I
meet the right person, maybe retire there. A place I would like
to visit is Shangrala Ranch in AZ. What I gather is it's a
nice place, and like FL, it's warm most of the year (I'd
rather be warm than cold, can you tell?). Just as a note, I'd
rather visit places that offer housingrather than camp
in a tent, but is someone has an RV I wouldbeinterested in
seeing what that may be like.

What places do you wish to visit that youwould like a travel partner?
Maybe we could work together on these goals.

John from Boston MA

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