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Singles need partners to go to couples resorts. If you are needing a vacation and need a travel partner that pays their own way and shares the room. Sign up.

American looking for male travel buds for Europe.

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I'm a mid 50s nice guy. (yes read my profile LOL). I've got this crazy idea to make a Europe run in the next couple weeks to couple months. I'm interested in finding any age male or males who are cool traveling together and sharing rooms to save on $$, hang out naked and stuff. Yes, I snore .....some . Right now I am thinking Brussels..maybe France. Never been to the UK. If anyone is seriously interested in a travel bud please respond. Thank you.

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RE:American looking for male travel buds for Europe.

I recently returned from a solo trip to the Greek isles.
It would have been nice to have a traveling companion.
I plan to returning to Europe within the year.
Two years ago, I had the pleasure to visiting Greece, Italy and Spain.
Once again, I was solo during these trips.

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