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Day 5 of 50 kettlebell swing challenge

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Day 5 of the challenge complete. Today I tried the double arm swing with a kettlebell in both hands despite going down I weight because I wasnt really familiar with this swing variation I still think my form was not good. I felt to much in my back but I persevered also need to do more warm up before starting swings.

Made it a full on kettlebell core workout did single arm overhead march (both sides), around the world, figure eight, and halo, 3 set 12 reps. Did 12 gorilla rows for arm and transition to more core with two arm overhead march and teeter totter for the obliques 2 sets 12 reps.

Kettlebells are by far my favorite strength building free wights to use. If you use kettlebells in your workout routine, I would love to hear about you workouts and routines.

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