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This group is for anyone who like to practice workout and fitness without any clothes, or completely naked here is your place. Enjoy !

Workout routines

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Today's workout started with 50 kettlebell swings the double kettlebells variety. Then did 3 set 10 rep kettlebell sequence of alternate arm march, double arm gorilla row, tricep press, dead lift , twist march and compound goblet squat and bicep curl.

Finished off with 10 minute cardio sprint ride.

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RE:Workout routines

Yesterday was a skip day since I wasnt feeling quite right and I didnt want to injure myself. Today's workout is as follows.
50 kettlebell swings single arm alternating (switching at the top of the swing in case that matters)
Then followed with below from standing to kneeling to reclining 3 sets 16 reps 15lb

Standing overhead march
Standing marching twist
Around the world
Romania deadlift
Teeter totter (16 reps each side)
Kneeling chop
Kneeling bicep curl
Reclining elbow to knee
Reclining kettlebell bridge
No cardio but sauna

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RE:Workout routines

Took a skip day yesterday just wasnt feeling up to it. Did juicing instead, that also part of my fitness regimen. Todays shorter than usual workout was as follows.

50 stand kettlebell swings 15lbs (I can tell I need to go up in weight, but my adjustable plates were in barbell mode so 15 lb had to suffice) The rest was 2 set of 16 reps

Overhead single arm kettlebell march 15lbs (16reps each arm)
Seesaw overhead press (10lb)
Around the world with hold 15lbs
Two arm alternating gorilla row and deadlift 15lbs
Barbell deadlift 30lbs
Side ab tuck 15lbs

All this kettlebell work is definitely strengthening and shaping my core and upper body and provides some cardio even when I dont ride or run.
Share you favorite workout routines.

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