Nude Work Out

This group is for anyone who like to practice workout and fitness without any clothes, or completely naked here is your place. Enjoy !


Looking at ramping up my routines and toning up further post covid. I have quite a few routines that require either no equipment or some weights. If no weights, we can substitute using food cans. Really genuine here looking for guys reasonably in...


Have a gym in my basememt work out nude all the time love the freedom

Kettlebell Workouts

Anyone else here workout with kettlebells? What are your go to exercises(single kb lifts)? I'm currently doing Simple and Sinister, but I'm always looking for new moves to finish out my workout in order to keep it fun and fresh. There's...

NH nude workouts

Anyone hosting nude workouts in NH?

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by cristianoroma72 
SoCal Fitness

Anyone in the LA area interested in meeting up for some stretching/flexibility work? I also lift at Equinox and open to a training partner if that suits. I'm working on keeping my gains while also leaning out but learning to also give my body...

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Anyone do kettlebell workout?

Online workout partners

If you are interested in the idea and given this period of quarantine if there are some gym addicted guys that want to join online nude workouts, please let me know.

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by cofeadct22 
Exercising and Sleeping

My grandfather would undress at bedtime, do some exercises naked, and then put on PJ's to sleep. Anyone ever do that or or know someone who did?

nude workouts

Is this for men only?

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Seeking younger dedicated workout partner...

Seeking a young male workout partner that would like to seriously dedicate himself to a regular workout schedule at my well-equipped home gym. I am an older guy seeking one guy for serious training. I am willing to train if you have the desire. You...

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