Nude Work Out

This group is for anyone who like to practice workout and fitness without any clothes, or completely naked here is your place. Enjoy !

Nude workouts Melbourne, Australia

Hi Guys, Anyone know of any places in Melbourne where someone can workout naked or if anyone has a home gym/garage they are open to having someone workout naked with them? Always been something I've wanted to try but just need a place to go!...

Muscular and Hung: Love being Nude or in...

In Colorado: if you got gym, club that allows nude/speedo workouts... lmk! will get down to speedo or nude, even alone, done it in Ft Lauderdale

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Back from vacation

Went on vacation and worked out clothed in the hotel gym twice, Even wore a shirt because one fitness room was visible to the lobby and breakfast room and there were two women in the other one. After working out at home for over 2 years, usually...

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Slam ball and kettlebells

Got an additional set of kettlebells 5,10,15 lbs, to match my existing set so I can up my kettlebell workout game. Also got a slam ball to boost my pre-summer ab workout routine. Who has some good slam ball routines to share?

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Gym Reopening

My gym in Bucks County, PA recently reopened now that Covid is down substantially in the area. While it will be good to be able to use the equipment, exercising dressed is going to feel strange for a while. For the past 4 months, I have been doing...

Ab workout effect lingers a week later

A week ago I did an abs workout with my kettlebells followed by sit ups using my incline bench. It didnt feel particularly challenging at the time. Only three set each of sit-ups and cross over sit-ups on the bench but I can still feel the effects a...

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OnePeloton Bike

Has anyone else used this bike and the program that comes with it? I used it for the first time today. I had a blast.


Hi Gents. So its January and Im looking to lose my pandemic pounds. Is there a group of nudist guys in London who work-out together and have room for one more. Would like to be in a small group to be motivated and make new nudist friends.... and get...


Looking at ramping up my routines and toning up further post covid. I have quite a few routines that require either no equipment or some weights. If no weights, we can substitute using food cans. Really genuine here looking for guys reasonably in...


Have a gym in my basememt work out nude all the time love the freedom