Nude Yoga

This group is dedicated to those practice yoga in the nude.

HOT Yoga...

Has anyone tried Bikram Yoga, aka. Hot Yoga? It looks like it might be a fun way to exercise... if you like to sweat. Special, absorbent and quick drying clothing is common. I don't think it is ever done naked, but it might be a good Idea.

Massage, Yoga, Sercuit Training job

I am a Qualifide Trainer of Massage and Therapy ( Acupressure, Shiatsu, Tu INA) living in Scotland, UK. Looking for seasonal job in the UK or in Europe. Also I give and teach Massage, Yoga and Sercuit Training for private person/s or groups. If you...

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Yoga beginner looking for online initiation...

Hey nudist fellow, I'm looking for some online yoga classes for beginners, or any tips on where to start. Or any yoga enthusiast willing to instruct me a few lessons. Cheers

Mens Natural Yoga

Taught a fun class on earlier focusing on Ahimsa (non-violence) and guiding into full wheel pose. Feel free to check it out!

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Yoga e Tai Chi nudo.

Non sono un istruttore ma solo un praticante e ho fatto e far attivit in completa nudit in cam. Recentemente ho provato tecniche di yoga tantra con uno pi esperto di me. Sono disposto a imparare e/o praticare insieme anche dal vivo in Zona Milano...

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Hello everyone, I am very impressed

Hello everyone, I am very impressed. Really. In the photos it looks pretty relaxed with you. I'm over 60 and just starting out with yoga. Thanks for the many inspirations from you

Mostly Female Instructors

Recently mentioned to my wife it seems most nude yoga instructors are women. This goes against the grain of far more men than women are public with their nudism. She said its because about 80 to 90 percent of yoga instructors are women.

Nude Exercise

For a longtime have enjoyed the freedom of clothes free exercise, whether it's walking, swimming or in the gym. Since becoming a personal trainer , we have now started to offer a clothing optional session for our clients. Is slowly becoming...

Yoga Naked in Netherland

Hello do you have any address for some starter in Yoga ? I would like to have it naked and in a mix environment. Thank s

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Getting back into clothes for yoga

When things shut down in March 2020 due to Covid, my regular yoga classes (clothed) went virtual. At home I got accustomed to doing the classes nude (why not?), and during nice weather have been able to do them in the back yard, which has been a...

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