Nude Yoga

This group is dedicated to those practice yoga in the nude.

Nude yoga in Ft Lauderdale

Had my first class on site yesterday. All vaxed participants. Nice location in Sunrise area. Really enjoyed the session with Jeff the yogi instructor. 7 attendees. Good for beginners too. Im in pretty good shape but one discovers new muscle groups...

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Getting back into clothes for yoga

When things shut down in March 2020 due to Covid, my regular yoga classes (clothed) went virtual. At home I got accustomed to doing the classes nude (why not?), and during nice weather have been able to do them in the back yard, which has been a...

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Live Clothing-Optional Outdoor Yoga In LA

A live Clothing-Optional Outdoor Yoga class will begin near Pasadena on Friday morning, August 6 at 10 am. Please check for more info.


Hello im new to the group and looking at starting yoga but have no idea where to start or what im doing, any suggestions would be appreciated, im in spokane Washington if anyone is close to me for teaching purposes

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Benefit of nude Yoga

Wanting to get more involved in Yoga I have watched some videos online to get started. They have been helpful so far. Having watched both clothed and nude yoga, I discovered a benefit other than comfort to watching the nude sessions. When the...

Hello everyone, I am very impressed

Hello everyone, I am very impressed. Really. In the photos it looks pretty relaxed with you. I'm over 60 and just starting out with yoga. Thanks for the many inspirations from you


Is there an online yoga practice that is free of charge? I would like to start but I am not very successful in that. Help needed

Mostly Female Instructors

Recently mentioned to my wife it seems most nude yoga instructors are women. This goes against the grain of far more men than women are public with their nudism. She said its because about 80 to 90 percent of yoga instructors are women.

Nude Yoga in Las Vegas NV.

If you are in Las Vegas on a Thursday at 6:00 pm. stop by the Erotic Heritage Museum for nude yoga, I am there almost every week and enjoy the class. It is a laid back class that gets you stretching. It is also comfortable for beginners. Hope to see...

Yoga nudo in Italia Lombardia.

Ciao. Mi chiedo se qualcuno fa come ma yoga nudo in Lombardia (Italy). Mio Skype Anamed56 Molti saluti.

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