Nudism and spirituality (in the modern sense) together bring us closer to Nature. Meditation is like inward prayer, communing with our inner being, our life spirit, making us happy and healthy.

Climate change

Recently we have seen some terrible effects of global warming and its effect on the world's climate. Even in the UK, where half the country has had no rain for months, people have lost their homes in sudden fires. Last night on the TV news,...

'The Origin of God' by Laurence...

I have been fairly quiet in our group lately, and the reason is that I have been engrossed in this book by Laurence Gardner. As you may be aware, I am a confirmed atheist, so the book title may seem an odd choice of reading material, but as I have...

Nude Bible Study

Hello all! I'm Luke, 27yo straight guy from Brazil, nudist for 10 years now. I'd like to connect with other straight Christian bros to chat about nudism based on our faith, fully naked the way our Lord created us to be and also make a Bible...

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Your photos.

Would anybody else like to add their photos? Don't be shy! Here's an early one of me from the '90s.

Road to Spirituality

I started out being nude simply because it felt good. Certainly, an adequate reason. It worked for me and it works for a lot of people. Over time, nudity felt more and more spiritual -- nudity was drawing me closer to whom I really am and to my...

New ti nudism 18yo

Heyo I'm 18yo and new to nudism, who wants to chat? My telegram is @Brother716 )(No I'm not a Bot hahaha)

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Simone B Free

I recently joined a TN group called 'My Naked Self', created by SimoneBFree, a beautiful Australian lady, who turned her back on the commercial world and has her own spiritual naturist site. (I see that some of our new members have also...

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New members

I always check to see if we have any new members, and then I send a little welcome message. We have had four new members in the past few days, which is the most we've had for a while. (For the first time ever, I had to delete one new member, as...

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Strangely prophetic

Back in 2017 I wrote a short novel that featured a man-made virus that destroyed the lungs of all who were infected. It began with a build-up of Russian tanks along their western border. As they awaited the order to advance, a solar mass ejection...


A friend said: "Every nudist is a bit of an exhibitionist, even if he doesn't admit it. " I thought: "I don't use my nudity to show off, I'm naked in my house when I'm alone, nobody sees me naked." I'd be...


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