Nudism and spirituality (in the modern sense) together bring us closer to Nature. Meditation is like inward prayer, communing with our inner being, our life spirit, making us happy and healthy.


A friend said: "Every nudist is a bit of an exhibitionist, even if he doesn't admit it. " I thought: "I don't use my nudity to show off, I'm naked in my house when I'm alone, nobody sees me naked." I'd be...

Spiritual naturists' group

Greetings! I'm Zoli from Hungary. I'm planning to organise a real circle of friends mainly in Hungary, Europe, but others are also welcome online. So I'd like to find 6-8 likeminded naturist philosophers, yogis, esoteric christian...

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Meditazione nuda.

Mi chiedo se anche voi notiate una differenza importante tra meditare vestiti o nudi. Quali sono i punti del corpo pi interessati dalle sensazioni e toccati dalle Energie? Molti saluti a tutti.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas friends! Let's hope that we all survive the winter and beat the Covid pandemic in the New Year. Best wishes, Dave


In the UK we are bracing ourselves for the spread of the Covid-19 Corona virus. The supermarket shelves have been cleared of medical hand cleanser (like hand washing was something new). People are panicking and stockpiling durable foods like pasta,...

Nudism + Spirituality = Edenism

'Edenism' is the name I have given to my philosophy. It's not a religion or a substitute for religion, but a belief that came to me over a lifetime of observations and experiences. I believe we are all spiritual beings, capable of doing...

Moses was the father of Tutankhamen!

It's true! According to ancient Egyptian records, Joseph, who was sold into slavery by his jealous brothers in the early 15th century BC), (SEE EDIT) had a descendant, also called Yusuf (Joseph) who became chief minister to Pharaoh Tuthmosis IV,...

Corona Lockdown

These are very difficult and life-changing times, brought about by a virus caused, I'm sure, by abusing Nature. In the UK we are having to isolate ourselves from friends, even neighbours, to reduce the spread of infection. It must be hard on...

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by Davesmooth 
'The Origin of God' by Laurence...

I have been fairly quiet in our group lately, and the reason is that I have been engrossed in this book by Laurence Gardner. As you may be aware, I am a confirmed atheist, so the book title may seam an odd choice of reading material, but as I have...

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Lockdown Guitar Project

I've posted pics of my finished guitar in an update of my 'lockdown' topic.

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