Nudist Who Like To Grill Out

This is a group for those of us that like to grill out but is open for anyone to join.

What was your first real grill?

Having grown up in the deep south, one would think that my first real grill was early on ... nope. I never really had the urge to cook out and primarily ate fast food until my mid-20s. Then reality struck as with a new wife & military gatherings,...

New to the group

Just joined and happy to see a group for this. I enjoy most aspects of cooking outdoors on, or in, a variety of equipment. Looking forward to a fun exchange of ideas here.

This is a test topic

Has anyone else had a problem starting a topic. There is a member that says he can't start a topic so if u are seeing this then I have to find out why he can't. If nobody sees this then I'll have to find out why also. Thanks fot being a...

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