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Un grupo para personas solteras, casadas, divorciadas,.... de cualquier condicion sexual. Que simplemente desean conocer a gente nudista para compartir nuevas experiencias, vacaciones, reuniones, salidas, excursiones,... Cualquier propuesta sera bien recibida. No solo para espanoles tambien para aquellas personas que estan o vayan a estar en nuestro pas Nudismo en compania!!! A group for singles,...

Magnolia Project-29/3/20-Nude Models wanted

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Nude models of all shapes, ages & genders are welcome to participate in a short film that will be recorded in Trabucador, Delta del Ebro/Catalunya, on 29/3/2020

The short film is about a ballet dancer dancing among the naked models

For More information about the project:

Interested individuals will have to fill in the following form:

There will be a free bus from Barcelona to the shooting location at 12:00 on 29/3/2020 & back at 20:00

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RE:Magnolia Project-29/3/20-Nude Models wanted

This event is now rescheduled to take place on 29/8/2020 under the same conditions

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