Whether you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror, or even your own photos. If you're vain or just proud to be nude. Appreciating the beauty of nudity begins by appreciating it in ourselves.

Not just ME seeing me.....

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.....but also having others see me. Yes, I do like to be nude, and I like seeing my nude image whether it is in a picture or in a mirror. More than that, though, I enjoy having others see me.
I have been the only nude person in a group of half a dozen others , felt perfectly comfortable, and enjoyed it immensely. When I chat I am normally nude with the cam on. I am almost disappointed if the person that I am chatting with chooses not to view. I leave it up to them whether they appear on cam or not but either way like for them to view mine. I don't get any sexual satisfaction from that, nor any sexual excitement, it is just the feeling of being totally free in front of the world.

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