Nudists Who Own Boats

Nudists who own or want to sail nude

Power Boater on the great Lakes

We had a power boat on Lake Michigan , didn't have to many days to boat Nude , Most cool on the water but when we did it was fantastic. wish we lived in warmer area to do it more often. when we had our small boat we would go to a locale lake if...

Does a kayak qualify for this group?

How about nude kayaking. Does a kayak qualify for this group? I have a 13 ft flat water kayak that I take out on the rivers and lakes in my area. I start off with a bikini to put the kayak in and I end up kayaking new down the rivers and on the...

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Nood Pontoon

We have a 22 foot pontoon in Gulf Shores Alabama that we take out in Mobile Bay to deserted beaches for skinny dipping,

What do you enjoy most about bare boating ?

I love the warmth of the sun and the sea breeze all over. Total relaxation for me. Sailing with the lack of noise is the way to go.

Everglades camping

Just returned from a week of campinng in Everglades National Park. This time of year, NO ONE else camps there, thinking it's too hot. I literally have the whole backcountry to myself. The campsites still require reservations and a permit (the...

Everglades May 2020

I am planning a boat camping trip to the Everglades National Park from May 23-29th 2020. If you have transportation and a boat, you would be welcome to come along. Last year there were 4 of us. Usually it's just me or me and a friend from...

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2018 Everglades Naturist boat Camping trip

So far, two of us going to Everglades National Park backcountry from May 19-25. Up to 2 more people are welcome to come along, especially if you have your own boat. Contact me for details. Previous trip reports can be found here:...

SW Florida

Nothing better than powerboating and fishing in SW Florida on the gulf nude. Too bad there are only a few places/beaches to go ashore.

End of Summer

Hey at 1029 PM today was the end of Summer. I was nude in the cockpit of my boat, how did you celebrate the end of Summer?

New Sailboat

Hey, We just bought a new sailboat and are keeping it up on the Neuse River in NC. Anyone else in the area? On a side note, while taking the boat up the Intracoastal Waterway, we ran across another nude boater on a catamaran north of Charleston,...

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