Only One Naked

For people interested in being the only naked person among dressed people. Art modeling is one obvious scenario. Have you ever stripped at a party? Walked or run naked in Bay to Breakers? Any other way to be uniquely naked in front of a crowd of dressed people?

I was reminded the other day

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I am friends with a former coworker's wife on FB. I thanked her for a post via text that she had put up. In her response she mentioned how much her hubby enjoyed working with me. It came to mind that before they got together back in his single days , he came over for dinner one evening after work. I was nude the entire time he was here and he assured me it was okay with him. Adding that he was nude at the Y with two other coworkers every day in the shower and thought nothing of it. I was just nude longer than a quick shower. He never stripped down. Of coworkers he is one of the few that I was ever nude around.

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