Only One Naked

For people interested in being the only naked person among dressed people. Art modeling is one obvious scenario. Have you ever stripped at a party? Walked or run naked in Bay to Breakers? Any other way to be uniquely naked in front of a crowd of dressed people?

only one naked ? Love the idea

I am curious and would like to hear about some of the experience other have had with CFNM

NY Guy

NY here

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possible big exposure

I have related how I host long distance bicyclist here at my home. Often my guests both male and female are totally fine with me bare even if they keep their clothes on So i have been in several CMNM situations one or two people at a time . This...

CMNM - a simple and empowering thing.

Years ago, I've been naked but wearing appropriate things for a specific need while attending a function, like basic servant gear, a maid outfit, and some bondage gear in the presence of a group of guys. It wasn't until this last year I...

Meet folks into CMNM

Was wondering if anyone knew how to find friends that don't mind you nude when they aren't as this can be an awkward topic

Nude houseboy

Ive been a nude houseboy for males, females and couples. They get their housework done for free. I get to be naked for them and their company. Its a win -win

Naked at nudist place.

At nudist places, I have stripped completely. I will remove the issued wristband and be completely 100% nude. Everyone has at least something on. I could be the only one completely stripped.

Only one naked along the beach

I previously posted here. So months later, I was able to return to Black Beach in San Diego. I was able to get my friend whom I've gone with before to join me. It would be just us two. He didn't go nude last time, so I was worried he'd...

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I was reminded the other day

I am friends with a former coworker's wife on FB. I thanked her for a post via text that she had put up. In her response she mentioned how much her hubby enjoyed working with me. It came to mind that before they got together back in his single...

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Only one nude at the beach amongst friends

I just remembered I had a couple moments as the only nude one. I pressured a friend couple, two guys, to go to Blacks Beach with me. It was a while since I had hung out with these two, and I knew they had gone to this beach before so nudity didnt...