Only One Naked

For people interested in being the only naked person among dressed people. Art modeling is one obvious scenario. Have you ever stripped at a party? Walked or run naked in Bay to Breakers? Any other way to be uniquely naked in front of a crowd of dressed people?

Only one naked along the beach

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I previously posted here.

So months later, I was able to return to Black Beach in San Diego. I was able to get my friend whom I've gone with before to join me. It would be just us two. He didn't go nude last time, so I was worried he'd be uncomfortable for the whole thing, but he seemed to be looking forward to spending time together.

We make out way down to the beach. As we walk along the coast, I see a pretty wide range of nude men and women. That's what I love about Blacks, it's called a gay beach but there are many nudists here on the weekend. We find a spot and I strip down, however I was excited to wear my black thong to a beach so I hang out in that for a while. He realized what I was wearing and sort of paused for a second. About an hour later he asks me if it's okay to strip down, and I say of course that's what we came to do. We just laid around and talked, overall it was a relaxing time.

We were meeting a couple friends of his, so our time had to be cut short. He gets dressed and I realize I don't have to just yet. We actually walked a ways away from the stairs back up to the parking area up the cliff. The stairs are right at the nude/textile line. I tell him, "I'm just gonna stay like this for a while now". As we walk down I realize it's quite a sight, a clothed guy and his nude friend. If anyone is in the know, like us, they'd realize one of us is the more nudist one. I wasn't the only nude one, naturally, as this is a nude beach, but walking next to a textile friend was somewhat of a nudist moment for me. The walk was about 15 minutes.

We finally reach the stairs and I have to get dressed. Surprisingly, I am not the only one who does this. About three men stopped at the stairs to get dressed before walking up. A couple only put shorts on to walk back up. I feel this is a goal of mine, to walk back up in shorts only. I'm never really like shirtless like most guys. Over the past couple years I've worked out more so this would be a personal milestone for me. Overall great day.

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