PA Piercing

HAVE PA and more piercings


Been thinking of getting PA for a while. Whats the best size to start with and can anyone recommend a piercer in the Cambridgeshire or surrounding areas.


Have you had this reaction when others see your PA. I went for a nude audition yesterday and they said "Wow!" when they saw my 8mm (0g) PA.

Finally got my PA

I am happy to say I now have a PA. The piercer did an awesome job and she was so professional no pain like I thought. I am very happy with the results.

PA 00g

Actually I had a PA 0g I streched it over the last years. Now I want to go for a 00g and 000g. But worried about pain and erectil disfunctions. You know something about this subject?

Small uncut penis for PA

Hi guys. I see a loyt of pictures of guys who are both hung and cut with PA's and they look great. I have a very small penis at 2" flaccid and 4 " erect. I also have a very loose foreskin. Interested in any other guys here who have...

Piercings At Nudist Camps/Resorts

I'm curious if anyone had negative experiences at camps/resorts because of their piercings? I recently found a nudist camp in Kansas that I'd really like to enjoy, but they expressly forbid visitors from wearing genital piercings. This got...


Like to show my PA

Ladies who look

I had a conversation about piercings over Christmas. The lady asked to see mine so I showed her my 2 gauge PA which she examined closely, with everyone looking on. This was one step up from the usual requests to see under my kilt. They just get a...

Pa piercing uncut

Hi just had my pa piercing done 5 weeks ago with 2 stretches all good. Being uncut made it much easier as I filled the foreskin with salt water twice a day while driving to from work and used a hair clip to keep it closed. Now waiting for my last...

pa piercing

All done ! got the last size in this afternoon so now 4mm by 19mm diameter... looks great and feels tight in the piercing hole at the moment. Now waiting for the 4mm segment ring to arrive to swap out the captive bead and I'll post more pics...

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