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Not all nudists are body confident it may be for many reasons this page is a support group for those men who may have a stigma attached to their manhood should it be due to size , weather it's circumcised or not whatever the reason may be this page is to help you find that body confidence with support from others

Hi 7" Penis

Hi great group, I have a 7" penis I class as not to bad a size not huge but nice and I feel good about it and myself. Cheers

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Small and Proud!

One of the things that I love most about nudism is that it has helped me come to love my unusually small penis. When I was at school I got teased about it all the time but once I discovered nudism I came to accept and then to love my size. Over time...


Hi all, full time manual wheelchair user being paraplegic, that is paralysed from my belly button area down. I do have some penis function and limited function but do enjoy nudist company as much as I can.


Who's around the Rochester ny area

Latest PostIm from buffalo
by Wnynude38 
Large Penis Talk

Hello all! I'm Luke, 27yo straight nudist from Brazil. I've always been ashamed of being hung - I'm around 5,5 soft and around 9 hard - but nudism showed me that it's how Nature and God wanted me to be. I'd like to chat with more...

There's no such thing as a bad penis

I believe nudism is about body positivity, and for men that includes being proud of our whole bodies, including our penises. They are beautiful in their diversity, and your penis is uniquely yours. Don't let others judge your body, especially...

Be confident guys!

It's a shame that we men let society convince us that each cock should be eight inches. I am here to encourage everyone and to learn to love your own penis the way it is! Take it in your hand, show it to the world and have fun with it! :)

Being Told Your Have A Small Penis

I was recently at a nudist group social activity and while taking a piss in a public bathroom that had a piss trough, the dude next to me said that is so small. My response was yes it is and I like it that way. Of course, I did not tell him I am...

Drawings that most closely match your dick

I've recently seen this site, so I thought I'd share it with the group.

The penis guidebook

Hello everyone , I am currently producing a book called the penis guidebook which main aim is to give a true representation of the male anatomy. Porn gives men the perception they are inadequate and many look for methods to enhance or alter what...


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