Playing Board/card Games In The Nud

For those who would like to unwind and play classic board/card games in the nude such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Dominoes, Poker, Draughts, Othello, Backgammon, Rummy and many others. It would be great to get as many of us as possible to play regularly either in person or play on cam/online. In person would be great, but failing that there are a few free game sites around to enable us to play online...

Happy to host nude games in North Yorkshire

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I've got loads of games - just no-one to play them with, I live alone so have lots of free time, my parents were really into games so of course now I am, my garden is nudist friendly & I know of lots of places to walk nude nearby if the sun comes out

games I have:-
Monopoly, Backgammon, Connect 4, Downfall, Zertz, Go,Ludo, Halma, Mah jong, Polarity, The Business game, Dominoes (6 & 9) sets, Nine mens morris/Merrils (my mum used to organise the Merrils world championships)
card games :- playing cards, Magic the gathering, Portal, Lord of the rings card game, vampire, Whot, top trumps - various, Pit,
Machi Koro
Board games :- Carcassonne, Tenjo, Shogun, Hamburgum, Risk, Talisman, Spanish Main, Castles of Burgandy, Settlers of Catan, Africa Korps, Civilization (the original Hartland Trefoil one) & their railway games + other later ones
1825, 1829 North & South, 1830, 1835, 1853, 1856 & 1870

please come n' play

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RE:Happy to host nude games in North Yorkshire

Sounds good! Say when :)

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