Redheads And Nudism

For all ginger nudists. Because we redheads should stick together!

Not a full ginger lol

Hello all. I am only a ginger on my facial and groin hair all ither places a light brown. I love seeing and chatting with other gingers.

Cheeky Chappy lol!

Hi, I hope I don't upset anyone. I just love redhead women and although I'm not one myself, I'd love to connect to a lovely redheaded lady to chat. x

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I'm a strawberry blond, despite having significant Hispanic ancestry. I cannot tan, but I love being naked. I also live at high altitude in a sunny place. How do you protect against sunburn? What kind of sunblock, tanning methods, etc, work for...


were the rarest hair colour in the world 85% of redheads can trace their ancestry ti the British isle.

hi all from new zealand

hardest part about been a red head nudist you burn so easy


We should stick together!