Sauna Nudists

A group for those of us who love being nude in Saunas

March 3rd & March 17th Korean sauna/heated...

JjimjilbangKorean bathhouse has sauna and Korean communal spa has several heated rooms.Let us have a big tn Spa World get together on Saturday March 3rd. I know we usually have it the last day of the month. But we are not going to do that for...

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Textile Sauna?

Hei there im swiss.. i visited rome some days ago! i visited the hotel spa and i had to wear swimming suits in the sauna! i didnt knew that there are saunas in the world witch are not naked! haha can anyone tell me in witch countries sauna isnt nude?...

London England and surrounding....

Hoping to make a naked sauna trip! I visit Switzerland a lot and go the the Wellness places all the times I visit and they are fantastic.... I would love to have the same opportunity in london or around london! Any recommendations would be great......

Sauna time

It really is cold now here on the east coast of America. Time to enjoy a great hot sauna. Like to hear from the cold winter time sauna lovers and goers. Anyone spent any time in a sauna lately or plan to go to one soon? If so is it mixed or gender...

Love sharing a naked sauna!

Hi, Love this group! I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group. Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude. Col.

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Times are Changing and so is changing in the...

Don't be surprised if ,in the USA, there will be a law that prevents nudity in locker rooms.

Give a help for a baby below

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Older Men are Under attack in the Locker...

The younger Generation in the USA are trying to humiliate the older generation for being naked in the locker rooms. How do we stop this aweful trend? Here is a video I made about the above subject,

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Brighton 13th November

Hi, I'm going to be in Brighton on Monday 13th November. Anyone want to join me for a sauna/steam/jacuzzi?

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in now!

I am in the sauna right now that i go to at NC. Trying to post a picture.

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