Sauna Nudists

This group is for people who enjoy being nude in a sauna. A profile picture is required.

First Sauna experience

Im curious to know if anyone has ever gone to a co ed sauna and what their initial take on it was?

Uk saunas

We are lucky in uk , we have many mixed sex nude saunas , some naturist only, some in swingers clubs , I enjoy both .

Who has actually found a sauna that allowed...

I have not, ever, and, I think I would love the opportunity to visit a nude sauna. So, if you know where any are, please share.

Korean Spa

Wife and I are Korean spa tourist. We love to travel to areas that have Korean spas here in the US. Unfortunately we are separated in the nude mandatory wet area of the locker rooms, but at least we get to be naked. And getting a body scrub is one...

DFW - Russian Banya (2nd Wednesdays)

Hello, the Russian Banya hosts a naked day on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Although, Google Maps will note that they are closed but they will still host the day for clothing optional patrons. You pay for the entrance fee for the day along with...

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Middle Tennessee Nudist

Enjoyed sauna's while in Vietnam many years ago - yet to find a pubic nude sauna - anyone know of one in the area let me know, thanks

Introductions, hey all

Hey everyone, Raven here, Been looking for a sauna close by in Flintshire, does not seem to be many around

Montreal -Canada

Hi I wonder if anyone have a experience sauna in Canada (Montreal) because im new here looking for sauna naked I want get relax Thanks!

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