School Teachers Who Are Nudists!!!

Personally, i know a a couple of school teachers who are nudists, so i figured i would start this group up for school teachers lol!!

Dress code

As a teacher, or a nudist, what do you think about the dress code at your school? Have you ever complained about it?

Florida legislation

What do naturists think about the reported new Florida state law restricting the teaching of subjects like homosexuality and gender identity? Much of the reporting has been sensationalist. What difference is it likely to make in practice, and do you...

Summer 2022

Last day was today. Middle school teacher here and it was a shit show. May miss one or two kids out of 90. Hope to chat with current or retired educators. I like to cam too.

Leaving the profession?

Summer is here after another very difficult year. Several faculty members either left in the middle of the year or plan to quit over the summer. Anyone else lose co-workers or planning to quit yourself?

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Naked Teaching a la Pandemic

Hi, all! I know I've been among the missing but the last couple of semesters have been rather crazed. I have been teaching via zoom the past 3 semesters, though I have been able to work nude from home on the non-Zoom course work. It also has...

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An unsuitable topic for discussion?

In addition to my continuing role as Principal Examiner for Cambridge International, I used to be PE for a UK A level in Critical Thinking, until it was abolished a few years ago. My paper was specifically about ethical reasoning. On one occasion, I...

Naked classes?!

I am a trainer and teacher on various topics, but always in adult education. In my private life I'm a nudist and also a bit of an exhibitionist. I can't imagine teaching naked, I think my professionalism would suffer. What do you think?

Thinking Skills

I just wondered whether any group members (especially in the US) are involved in preparing students for the Cambridge International AS exam in Thinking Skills. I am Principal Examiner for paper 21.

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We are scheduled to go back with all students in August with no masks so far. But worried with the new strain that we will have to go hybrid and with masks again.

Pandemic Teaching 2021

This spring semester is rough of my courses was outright cancelled for low enrollment, and my other was switched to a 2 student independent study for history majors. I will very much miss the shortage of the other $5000 of my...


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