Seattle Nudes

Anyone in Seattle who would rather be nude right now.

Hot tub hangout

looking for a buddy or couple buds to hang in my hot tub sometime today!

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Seattle Solstice and WNBR 2016!

Hey all, In just a couple of days, we'll be having another fun-filled Fremont Solstice parade. Anyone else here planning to attend? I also want to point you all at the Seattle World Naked Bike Ride, which this year takes place on July 9th, at...

Point Wells

Has anyone been out to the beach at Point Wells yet this year? Is it still a good place to enjoy a nude beach?

Beautiful day at the beach today.

My only day off this week and it is warm and sunny. Less than a dozen so far at Howell Park, but it's still early in the afternoon. I am going to try Denny Blaine soon.

Howell & Denny Blaine Parks, today... anyone...

I'm probably going to visit these two parks later today, probably between noon and 2 pm - forecast to be nice & warm then. Unfortunately, I'll not be able to be there later, as it's forecast to hit about 75 by 5 pm.Anyone else going?

Nude Social Get Together.......

Hi men, anyone interested in starting a group to get together/meet up to chill, relax, movie night, order pizza, get to know each other. I'm in First Hill, can host/travel and up to hosting the first one. Perhaps a weekly or bi-weekly get...

Sunny tomorrow.

It is supposed to be sunny tomorrow, a little chilly, but suny. After the caucus I am going to head to Howell Park. It has been to long since I have been naked outdoors.


A few years ago I was spending a sunny day at Fraternity Snoqualmie nudist club. It is halfway up a small mountain and at the top of the mountain is a hot spot for hang gliders. We never worry about them because they fly and land onanother side of...

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It's supposed to be sunny...

I know it is only supposed to reach 60 degrees tomorrow, but it is supposed to be sunny. It might be comfortable to be naked in the sun. Anyone up for Howell Park Tomorrow?