Seattle Nudes

Anyone in Seattle who would rather be nude right now.


I would like to get a gathering together at a private house with some nudists in this area. A kind of get-to-know you shindig. Anybody know where we could have this gathering?

Is anyone going to ride in the Freemont...

What could be more fun than being naked in public? The solstice parade is Saturday, June 21st and the World Naked Bike Ride is Saturday, July 12th. I hope to see you there!

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Howell park

Going to Howell park tue anyone going to be there

Seattle Area

That was definitely an Amazing Pacific Northwest Summer we had, but unfortunately Fall is definitely here, so my HON outdoors and even indoors has decreased substantially just not ready to have the heater going all the time. And not being outside...

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New Years Day Skinny dip.

Any interest in a quick dip at Howell Park? Anyone here? Anyone?

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New Year's Day skinny dip

I will be taking a QUICK jump into the water at Howell Park in Seattle. Jan 1@1:00 PM if anyone cares to join in.

Howell Park this Saturday

gail and i will be at howell park saturday afternoon. you can identify us by the fact that i will wear a bandana around my neck. you should also.