For People who Like to take Nude Pictures of Themselves.

A walk in the public park with a friend

This summer I went to a pubic park with a friend ( TN member ) And we wanted to be a little daring. So we took some pics. LOL And they were people close by but none saw us that I know of.


Love selfies!!

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Public nude pics. has a cost.

I had my security camera set on the driveway. When the UPS truck pulled up 300' driveway I was nude, It's private property so I took the package from the driver while nude. The driver didn't say anything so all was well. The package was...

hi not just me then

love taking selfies more i take more i like

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by Vol-man 
Am I the only one that starts chats in this...

So heres a quickie at Walmart. This is my first time doing this. Next time will be more daring.

Who likes to shoot guns?

I love shooting! I took these myself Oh I love peanut butter too ;-)

Another great morning for a walk

Just need my buddy here. No one else Id rather walk with than you. Oh while on my walk, heard a turkey and saw a deer. Love being a country girl!