Shaved Males

Group for men who like to shave thier bodies and a place to share pictures and discuss shaving issues.

laser hair removal

just started laser hair removal and plan on getting about 90% of my body done. so far so good, hurts less than waxing but more expensive up front.

Aussies shaved smooth.

Any Aussies who are smooth it would be great to connect with each other.


I prefer shaved on me everyone is different

smooth and love it

I started shaving years ago when a GF suggested I trim back the bush "she was a smoothie" so I trimmed at first then eventually started shaving smooth. fast forward to my now wife and the first time we played around, when we got naked she...

No more hair!!!! Ever!!! :)

I was always VERY hairy! For years wife has been after me to shave. I always said, "Real men have hair"! Well at several nudist resorts she would point out "men" :) who were smooth. She asked to shave me. Well, wasn't going...

New electric razor

There is a new electric razor out called Balls. I have seen adds for it.

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Hi xxx

It feels divine to be fully smooth cock anus and body xxx

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Growing it back

Hi smoothies. This is to say hello and to put my thoughts to you on being smooth. Many years back I wanted to try it, mostly because I felt smooth shaven looked better on both men and women. I started shaving between the legs and bum cheeks. For...

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Shaved for sure

Love clean balls and my ass crack. Smooth. Easy to play with. Same reason I like clean shaven females.

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Shaved or waxed crack and hole

So hygienic! it is reported by waxing professionals to be the most liked male area they work on along with balls. If you enjoy anal action folks love eating off a clean plate!