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Growing it back

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Hi smoothies. This is to say hello and to put my thoughts to you on being smooth.
Many years back I wanted to try it, mostly because I felt smooth shaven looked better on both men and women. I started shaving between the legs and bum cheeks. For sure it looked great, for a day or two it felt great. then the stubble itch set in. I tried oil and creams. for sure it delays the onset by a couple of more days, then you have to shave. I got four days maximum before I had the hot angy hedgehog for a crutch. Then I was asked if I wanted to model for intimate waxing. I won't go into how that came about, but the waxing itself is great. its nice to be pampered. No it did not hurt much, well until I agreed for my legs to be done. yeah that hurt! The growback takes around ten days for me, and after a couple of waxes it is downey soft too. When I looked at paying for it, now that was scarey, it is expensive not to mention very time consuming as I was then a working guy. So back to shaving and angry hedgehog. Till last year, I wanted something more like waxing without the cost. So I bought hair removal cream for male intimate areas. I read a lot and went about using it with great caution. Having found the best times and methods for use, I have now been using the cream for 4-5 months. I get great results, no burns and baby soft hair regrowth. I tried this month to let the hair on my pubic mound regrow, which it did, quite enthusiastically. But I found I really did not enjoy the look, so off it all came again. I think I have become a hardened smoothie with respect to my intimate areas.... er no pun intended there. The rest of my body I trim to keep tidy, its my own personal grooming pattern with which I have become comfortable. So comfortable I enjoy being seen in changing rooms, I feel it looks smart and tidy, I feel well presented not to mention comfortable too. Along with all that, I find it feels like freedom, liberating and something to be proud of. To know that when sensibly undressed I present myself well or as well as I can. I feel that grooming tells people you look after yourself, which sends a message that you are a clean, tidy and healthy person. For sure, hairy people can be too, but from a distance or first glance there are no or fewer clear indicators. I do not dislike hairy guys or ladies, I just prefer smooth and groomed.

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