Skinny Dipping

For all those who enjoy a dip au naturel or wild swimming (in lakes, rivers etc)in the buff.

Which came first

Swimming nude or sleeping nude. When we moved into this house, it had a pool with a low chain link fence, so I could only swim nude after dark. It didn't make sense to put something on to go to bed, so I slept nude on nights I went swimming....

Hotel Skinny-dipping

How many of us skinny-dip in hotel pools whenever we can create an opportunity. I find that many hotel pools are unused before breakfast and sometimes late mornings when people have gone out sightseeing and have managed a discreet skinny-dip in...

Travel skinny dipping

On a recent trip to Hawaii, I had a chance to take a quick dip on a Honolulu beach. It's not a nude beach, but the water was fairly opaque. Once I was out neck deep, I took off my swim trunks and paddled about for a while in the nude. There were...

Its time to start skinny dipping.

It's time to start skinny dipping. Yea the water temp may not be at the temp you want but It will be thrilling to be the first to try it this year. I hope to try it at the lake,

In a river

Went to MILs place for pre work check up. On the way in we stopped by the river park. The river called very loudly to come in. MIL and I walked to a past place for me to wade and swim. I got to free swim while she watched and enjoyed. Great way to...

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Wrist, Upper Arm or Ankle?

Many of us remove our costume after entering the water and tie it to ourselves rather than chance not being able to find it later The main options seem to be the ones in the heading. I find that wrist or ankle tends to inhibit my swimming so I tie...


I have said on here before, I am not in Spain all year round, but whenever I go swimming in the sea, it has to be NUDE. I swim all year round, at the [removed]ent the sea is a not so refreshing 25c; in the what I guess you call the height of winter...

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House Guest Skinny Dipping

Last Summer, my Sister-in -Law and her boyfriend were visiting. On Saturday morning we were having coffee by the pool. I took some cups in and did a couple things in the house. When I came out, the three of them were in the pool. Half way to the...

Just home from hols

Just home from vacation in the Canary Islands. The skinny dipping was so much fun, such a feeling of freedom


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