Sleeping Without Clothes

This group is for anyone that enjoy to sleep without any kind of clothes,whether in winter or in summer, completely naked here is your place.

Feeling exposed while sleeping naked

Most of the time when I sleep nude I end up with at least a sheet covering me thanks to modern climate control. More often than not a blanket or two also. It is fairly rare that the temp is just right all night that I am totally uncovered all night....

sleeping naked

Yes I sleep nude all the time. I really don't like to wear clothes in bed. I started as a teenager. Couldn't tell you the age. I lived in a five room house with five people. The only privacy there was, was in the bathroom. So when I had to...

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Started sleeping naked as a student at uni

I started sleeping naked when I went off to uni. I always like the feeling of freedom between the sheets but it saved washing PJs so that helped the laundry pile!

Traveling and nude sleeping

I have abroad now for almost four weeks and have managed to sleep nude for all but the nights spent aboard planes or in airports. Somehow I think both South African Air and Emirates Air might have banned me from flying if I had tried. And I am sure...

Host available in Belgrade, Serbia

I know it's a bit hard to travel these days, but if you plan on visiting the Balkans, I welcome you to visit beautiful Belgrade, I can host you in my apartment in downtown for a few days.

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the first time

I must have been about 12 or 13 when I started sleeping naked. Ill never forget the first time. I had walked into my Dads room as I couldnt sleep and asked him if I could get into the bed with him. He said sure son, get on in. I got in and noticed...

Started in mid 20s

I was 24 when I started to sleep nude all year I did a few times as a teen my mom found out and told me to wear pjs

Saving Money

Was walking through Macy's today and happened to see a display of men's sleep pants and shorts for $30 each. Glad my "sleepwear" is free and lasts a lifetime!

Started as a teen.

I started sleeping naked when I was a teen . felt more comfortable not to be strapped down while asleep. More room for night time erections and no painvfrom being tucked down and hard at the same time. Had to start wearing underwear again when I...

sleep naked and open door

I have slept naked as long as I can remember I also have never closed the bedroom door, parents weren't nudists I just never minded being naked in front of others, and in the summertime I always slept on the bed with no covers and to this day...