Sleeping Without Clothes

This group is for anyone that enjoy to sleep without any kind of clothes,whether in winter or in summer, completely naked here is your place.

Has anyone ever complained?

Have any of you naked sleepers been in a situation where someone has complained about your lack of sleepwear?

Paris du 15 au 16 novembre

Bonjour je recherche un hbergement naturiste sur Paris pour la nuit du 15 au 16 novembre. change de massage possible. Merci

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FB post that popped up

Seems like the dumbest discussion ever when you sleep naked right

Told to Sleep Nude

I am also a member of the Nude Sleepers Forum. Many men and a few women have said that at some point one or both parents told them that they were too old to wear anything to bed and had to start sleeping nude. Did that happen to any of you? As a...

Which came first

Swimming nude or sleeping nude. When we moved into this house, it had a pool with a low chain link fence, so I could only swim nude after dark. It didn't make sense to put something on to go to bed, so I slept nude on nights I went swimming....

Lamotte Beuvron

Bonjour, Y a-t-il un membre habitant Lamotte Beuvron qui pourrait m'hberger du 13 au 15 octobre prochains ? Merci

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If you intentionally take a nap at home, are you nude when you do so? I generally am.

Why Would Anyone Wear Clothes To Bed?!!!!

In this terrible, messed up textile world we live in that requires nearly all of us to wear clothes, why would anyone continue to suffocate their body 24/7 by wearing even more clothes at night while they sleep? Your body needs to breathe sometime,...

Sleep walking while sleeping naked

Anyone got experiences of sleep walking while sleeping nude? I will share one later. But feel free to start the stories.

Naked with friends in room

If u go away with friends and share a hotel room, do u sleep naked? I always do, but only if in separate beds