Sleeping Without Clothes

This group is for anyone that enjoy to sleep without any kind of clothes,whether in winter or in summer, completely naked here is your place.

What's the point of sleeping with...

What is the point? If most of us sleep with sheets or blankets or duvet or whatever you want to call it, then what's the point of also putting PJs or even undies on to sleep in? The restrict everything, get in the way, get twisted around your...

Started sleeping naked as a student at uni

I started sleeping naked when I went off to uni. I always like the feeling of freedom between the sheets but it saved washing PJs so that helped the laundry pile!


Certainly we all sleep nude at home and there would be no reason to sleep with clothing on in a hotel room. But do you sleep nude when visiting textile friends and family? If so, do you bother to get dressed for a middle-of-the-night trip to the...

Sleep study

I've been sleeping naked since early teen years and now at 52 I'm asked to do a sleep test for apthia at the hospital. I can't sleep wearing pjs and I get hot, what am I suppose to do. Thought I could ask the attendant or after the...

Men's Sleep Pants

Went through a mid priced department store and noticed that all of their men's sleep pants and shorts were marked down 75%, so they are obviously not selling well. Could the reason be: More men are sleeping nude? Now that businesses are getting...

sleeping naked

this is how we have slept, for the past 4 or 5 decades. its normal as far as we know.

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by Jespersen 
New Nudist Friends

Hey everyone! Feel free to add me on skype: or Snapchat: apolloisnude . Just send a full nude picture with face and your TN username (NO NAKED MEDIA, NO FRIENDSHIP). No matter your race, age, sexuality or marital status......

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Differences by Country

While all of us sleep nude here, what do you think most men's sleeping attire or lack thereof in your country. Here in the US, it is underwear. I have read on this board and elsewhere that in the UK, men sleeping in underwear is very rare, some...

First Time Sleeping Nude

I was 14 and had just graduated from elementary school. My parents were away on a trip with friends and it was the first time I was trusted to be home alone. My parents were never ok with "unnecessary nudity", as they called it and the...

Better sleep nude

I sleep nude for about 15 years. I wonder why I didn't do it before. I sleep much better in the nude. With a pyjama I always sweated in sleep. If I put the blanket way I began to be cold. Now sleeping in the nude I have no such problems any more.

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