Sleeping Without Clothes

This group is for anyone that enjoy to sleep without any kind of clothes,whether in winter or in summer, completely naked here is your place.


I have found that I sleep longer nude then clothed. 6 to 8 hrs instead of 4 to 5. Anyone else find that?

Bamboo sheets

I just got bamboo sheets for my bed and they ate so smooth and cool that when I sleep naked I don't want to leave my bed. Has anyone else tried these or have a sheets recommendation?

look out to sleep naked in my new bed

Wednesday they will create my new boxspringbed.... in my new appartement in Antwerpen (Belgium). Look out to sleep naked in it with another men (-42)...

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Sleepwear Availability

Was in two department stores yesterday. Area devoted to sleepwear significantly reduced om one and the other department store had almost eliminated theirs. I would be great if this means that more men are sleeping nude now that the weather is...

Differences by Country

While all of us sleep nude here, what do you think most men's sleeping attire or lack thereof in your country. Here in the US, it is underwear. I have read on this board and elsewhere that in the UK, men sleeping in underwear is very rare, some...

Host in Frankfurt am Main?

I will visit Frankfurt from 22 july till 27 july.... Is there a young nudist (-40) who like to host me for some days?

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I have slept nude for nearly 5 decades now. So far I have not had to flee my bedroom for an emergency. I was wondering if there are those out there who have been chased from their beds by a fire alarm or tornado siren or some other emergency. I do...

the first time

I must have been about 12 or 13 when I started sleeping naked. Ill never forget the first time. I had walked into my Dads room as I couldnt sleep and asked him if I could get into the bed with him. He said sure son, get on in. I got in and noticed...

Cold Turkey

Who here went directly from full sleepwear without going through some lesser amount of clothing (top or bottom only, underwear, etc.) in between. I did not. I had a long progression of wearing less and less to bed in between.

sleep naked and open door

I have slept naked as long as I can remember I also have never closed the bedroom door, parents weren't nudists I just never minded being naked in front of others, and in the summertime I always slept on the bed with no covers and to this day...