South Carolina Nudist

The group is dedicated to meeting like minded nudist from South Carolina


Looking for nudists that have outdoor space in Columbia area

Travelite's bid to be,.....

., an inclusive nudist property. Married, Single, FAMILY, just EVERYONE who has the Naked Society at heart and would enjoy a day at reasonable, well actually VERY reasonable rates, camping, stay overs, I rarely say I'd recommend that,..., but...

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And bring the family too?

Golly I hope so,...,. kind of interested in the prospects this Travelites park thing could lead to in the Columbia SC area. I mean if a group is opening to be "INCLUSSIVE" like the aanr says THEY ARE ALL FOR, well I want to see if it is!...

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4th Celebration

Cedar Creek resort will be having their 4th Celebration this weekend! (6/30) Fireworks and live band included.

Folly Beach

Hey yall,Ive heard that down on the far end of Folly its far enough out and the dunes are positioned just right that people go nude down there. I think its the end near the lighthouse.Does anyone know about this or have you done it?Thanks

Three NC Hikes - June 20,21,22 on the Bartram...

Three hikes planned for the Bartram Trail. Franklin NC will be our base. June 20 - 12.9 miles (Easy to moderate) June 21 - 15.4 miles with 7.2 mile early out option. (Strenuous) June 22 - 10.9 miles (Easy to moderate)

Serendipity and Chatooga

We have settled on July 14-18 for the Serendipity nudist resort and Chatooga River beaches and waterfalls long weekend trip. If you haven't been on one of these, I highly recommend this one, since we know this...

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$30 max per day visit,..., and family...

Cedar CreekGrounds Fee (per couple or single male) excluding some special events$40 Winter Day Fee [Oct Mar]$50 Summer Day Fee [Apr Sept]Grounds Fee Discounts Couples and single females mention this to get your first day of your first visit free!...

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How to beat the parks,........

In 2002, I was sitting in my home in California, drinking my wine and taking in all the beauty Monterey bay had to offer me. I was naked almost every day in Big Sur, running my Rottweilers up an down the beaches of Molera, Garrapata, and Pfeiffer...

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is the party over?

Those that truly know me know I do not push parks AT ALL unless I really enjoy the event. Went to the CFH resort yesterday and had the most sterile time I have ever had anywhere for a very long time at their usually wonderful Open House. If the...

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