Spa Nudists

People who like to be naked at spas. Please exchange your favorite spas so we can plan our naked vacations around them too. :)

Udander in OKC, Oklahoma

This spa is wonderful and great for small groups.

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King Spa. Niles Illinois

Great place to relax nude. Let me know if interested in meeting there!

Korean Spa in New York

I recently visited a Korean Spa in Flushing, New York, called New York Spa and Sauna. It was a nice experience. Very clean facility. The only thing I wasn't fond of was their hot tubs. There were 3 different hot tubs, each with a different...

Korean Spas in LA

There are several Korean spas in LA but the Yelp reviews are all over the place. Can anyone recommend a good one based on recent experience?

Any good clothing-optional spas in the Palm...

I'd love to find spas in the Palm Springs area that are clothing optional.

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Shangri La Spa in Tampa

Has anyone been to Shangri La Spa in Tampa? I'm going to be there Saturday, March 12.

Birmingham uk,

Clover spa in Birmingham is quite nice , I only usually go there in summer though

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Love Spas and Helping others learn about them

Hey! New to TN! I live in Fresno and have gone many times to Immersion Spa in Palo Alto and tried out Psy Spa in Stockton. I currently live in a desert of nude options but get to go north every several months. (Its a 3 hour drive). I also created a...

Seattle Area Clothing Optional Spa's

Anybody ever visit the Sacred Rain Healing Center in Seattle. I have been there 3 differnt times, great place to hang nude on their deck and enjoy a spa or the sauna. Another great place is the Gated Sanctuary in Snohomish. I have only been there...

iSpa Irvine California

I've been going to my local Korean spas for many years. It's the go-to spot for my sons and I to get naked and relax for an evening. iSpa in Irvine has a nice food court and serves a great shaved ice w/fruit dish. So glad there's a...


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