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Spa World Saturday April 23rd

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Hello everyone. I am ready to go to the spa and I hope you are also. Please join me on Saturday April 23rd at Spa World in Centreville, Virginia. Lets start getting there around 9 AM. If you like to be in the bathhouse with fewer people then earlier the better. Lets start lunch just after 12. The restaurant in the spa is good. It is great for all of us to sit together for lunch. If you are not able to get there until later that is fine also. I do not plan to leave until some time after 6 PM. The spa is open 24/7 so stay as late as you want so enjoy. There are many parts of the spa. There is a fitness gym, foot spa, smoothie bar etc. There are many things to enjoy there at the Korean spa. I will have my green silicone wrist band on both arms to help you I.D. me. Please do not be shy to walk up to me and tell me that you are on tn also. See you soon. :-)

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RE: Spa World Saturday April 23rd

I wish I could go! Hope you guys have a great time!

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